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Support doesn't speak for the development team, it just tries to represent users :-) so no promises but Roland will pursue the major problems from a user point of view

Please click "Discussion" and add your feedback and add any major or minor problems you see in Thunderbird 3.1 and I'll merge the discussion onto this page

...Roland Tanglao Mozilla Messaging Technical Support Lead

Top Major Problems and Annoyances

in progress, will have 5 or more problems and annoyances that I am lobbying to get fixed as soon as possible e.g. in 3.3 or later


  1. account wizard needs improvement bug 549045
  2. content editable / some markup in emails (e.g. from Incredimail and AOL) locks up HTML composer (many GS threads including this one with 475 replies;Workaround: use plain text, or view as Simple HTML); various bugs including:
    1. bug 616590:Mail Reply Windows stops painting - patch submitted, hoping to land in 3.3


  1. "A" shortcut improvements (bug 511741 and others)

Potentially Major Problems

(not in order, not maintained, retained for historical reasons, see "Top Major Problems and Annoyances " for curated list in progress)

  • Windows startup crash in Thunderbird 3.1.3; possible workaround: downgrade to TB 3.1.2 OR move compreg.dat out of Profile ; bug 594699 - null check added 3.1.4
  • face attribute is not white listed which breaks HTML signatures, workaround: use "span style" e.g. "span style="font-family: Comic Sans MS;" fixed in 3.1.4, bug 592601
  • McAfee - two mail toolbars after installing latest McAfee - unverified workaround: delete chrome\msktbird.jar, bug 592303, GS
  • Kaspersky aka KIS 2011 may be broken during upgrade of TB 3.1. We are working with Kaspersky to resolve this issue
  • Empty Thunderbird folder pane on startup - (regression? due to unicode characters or ':' for Mac in foldernames?, NS_MSG_ERROR_FOLDER_MISSING?), bug 579848, GS1,GS2, GS3
  • Thunderbird stuck at shutdown & uses 100% CPU, infinite poll gettimeofday read sequence in strace - bug 565065 - Roland: may only happen on Linux, known about since May 2010, so probably was in 3.0.x as well as 3.1, may have something to do with IMAP compress
  • s/mime handler interfering with encrypted .p7m attachments - PEC required to work for Italian companies by 2011 for existing companies, new companies now - GS, bug 243833
  • Cannot create a POP account in v3.1, 3.0.x IMAP to POP instructions fail - SOLVED by not specifying password when creating account: GS - possibly related to bug 571264:"Autoconfiguration of new account ignores ISP's provided values if the password is wrong"
  • issues - major mail provider in italy, roland to followup and see if we can get pending ispdb patch (after making sure it works with the help of flodo Talk - Contributions aka Francesco Lodolo) into Thunderbird in ""
  • Account Wizard UI fixes including hostname and port issues - bug 549045, GS1, GS2

Minor Problems

(not maintained, retained for historical reasons, see "Top Major Problems and Annoyances " for curated list in progress)

  • remote images not working in 3.1.4 (possible regression? seemed to work fine in 3.1.1, (6 topics in GS)
  • MoreColsForAddressbook/MoreFunctionsForAddressBook - Will be broken for TB 2.0 users upgrading to 3.0/3.1. They need to reinstall from - the author decided to change the add-on id.
  • folder pane missing and UI broken, fixed by upgrading to MailTweak 1.0pre10 and higher, 590344 block mail tweak 1.0pre9 and lower, GS, MZ Thread
  • linux sound not working if esound demon is not working, possible regression since this seemed to work in 3.0, bug 576365, patch in progress as part of bug 536996,didn't bother with GS topic since only 1% use Linux and hardly any GS users use Linux - I believe this was fixed in 3.1.2
  • funambol sync add-on crash with Thunderbird 3.0.x and 3.1, GS, bug 537889, funambol bug SC 215 (3.1), funambol bug SC 185 (3.0)
  • for 3.1 doesn't currently work, use synaptic packages instead - Get Satisfaction
  • Non top-level Inbox in Local Folders confuses Unified folders view bug 575148, Get Satisfaction
  • Lost all emails on Upgrade due to Provider for Google Calendar 0.7 - Get Satisfaction - Roland has notified Lightning folks
  • Adobe Photoshop DLL psicon.dll causesThunderbird 3 Crashes Opening Mail Attachments - not new, known 3.0.x problem - GS, bug 522575
  • extra folder folder columns displays "Inbox" instead of Full Inbox name in Unified Folders view - GS - not a Thunderbird problem but an add-on problem, add-on author emailed by Roland
  • In Thunderbird 3, Thunderbird only opens the app & not the individual email when invoked from Google Desktop Search, apparently this worked in Thunderbird 2;GS; couldn't find a bug - Roland asked authors to post GDS support request & bugzilla bugs
  • BSOD in WinXP SP3 with NC10 Netbook - not a Thunderbird issue, probably a firewall, antivirus, graphic driver or sound driver issue like the NVIDIA driver issue found during TB2 - GS, bug 583294 - probably not a TB issue but very frustrating to users, Roland will try to collate and help pinpoint the problem
  • Preview Pane setting not sticking, Mac only?
  • Whitespace at beginning of email - requires platform fix
  • Click Reply, doesn't focus on reply window - GS
  • Calendar missing, people not following Lightning upgrade prompts? - GS