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  • Support OAuth in GMail so that new users can sign up without jumping through hoops
  • Allow mbox (and maildir) folders larger than 4 GBytes
  • Ship Lightning as an extension with the core product
  • Working maildir
  • Allow compose in an extension (so that extensive rework of compose can be tested)
  • Incorporate New Account Types (SkinkGlue)

BMO features tracked

MailNews Core

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
11039 Filter outgoing/Sent messages (perhaps to use a different Sent/FCC folder) -- RESOLVED
170270 Enable search in multiple/all address books P2 RESOLVED
430716 Develop a scriptable, plug-able protocol layer sample (Experimental) -- RESOLVED
479823 archive filter rules: when Archive function is used a special set of filters marked to activate at 'Archive time' should be invoked, not the built-in archive function -- RESOLVED
789679 Remove 4GB of folder size warning (mailboxTooLarge="The folder %S is full") after 4GB backend work is complete [4GB backend began in TB 12.0 by bug 462665] -- RESOLVED
1155491 Support autoconfig and manual config of gmail IMAP OAuth2 authentication -- RESOLVED
1231642 Log in to Mail.Ru (IMAP/SMTP) using OAuth -- VERIFIED

7 Total; 0 Open (0%); 6 Resolved (85.71%); 1 Verified (14.29%);


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
531285 Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services) -- RESOLVED
849540 Log in to Gmail (IMAP/SMTP) using OAuth in backend -- RESOLVED
867028 Support open source formats for Thunderbird sounds. -- UNCONFIRMED
1113183 Integrate Lightning Into Thunderbird by Default -- RESOLVED
1297017 Show sender address at mouseover in inbox list P1 RESOLVED

5 Total; 1 Open (20%); 4 Resolved (80%); 0 Verified (0%);

External Tracking Pages

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