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Thunderbird 5.0 Release issues

Not so minor

(not in order)

  1. Direct2D results in large graphics slowdown on Intel HD mobile cards - [bug 621335] - possibly fixed in Firefox 10, not fixed in TB 10 nightlies as of 7 November 2011.
  2. Windows 7 Aero Glass theme issues:GS1 GS2, workarounds: install "Stylish" persona, switch to a non aero Windows theme
    1. some users don't like the monochrome buttons, prefer coloured ones - bug 668336
    2. huge aero glass area at top of tbird main window needs to go away - bug 667241
  3. Windows High Contrast (non aero) Theme issues
    1. Don't use aero-style icons on Windows for non aero and high contrast themes - bug 608792, userChrome.css workaround
  4. Thunderbird 5 is slow aka Font Rendering - Direct 2D performance issues . [bug 668552],GS1 GS2. [workarounds from MozillaZine wiki, thanks RSX11M!], [GS thread] Two possible solutions:
    1. known issues with TB 5.0 when hardware acceleration and/or font smoothing are switched on. Go into Tools → Options → Advanced → General and click Config Editor there. One by one, toggle the gfx.direct2d.disabled and layers.acceleration.disabled preferences to "true" (either of those or both) by double-clicking on them, restart Thunderbird after each change to see if it makes any difference
    2. Antivirus interaction. Go into Tools → Options → Security → Antivirus and uncheck the field.
  5. Messages in the message list are not alternately "zebra striped" in Windows - weird because it works in Mac - [flickr screenshot], [GS] - UPDATE - apparently this was removed intentionally perhaps by bug 545557
  6. Get All New Messages Keyboard shortcut in Mac TB5 changed from Command Shift T to Shift F5 e.g. Command Shift T to get new messages for all new accounts, new keyboard shortcut instead of the awkward-on-laptops Shift F5 for future TB releases is in bug 655989 - WORKAROUND: use TB 5 version of keyconfig add-on
  7. TB5 hangs after "Do you wish to compact all local and offline folders to save disc space? - [GS], [also please see the compacthang tag in GS] possibly bug 673904 possibly bug 605511 which has a patch for review and possible landing in TB6 but more likely in TB7 or which has landed in TB 8 and 7, POSSIBLE WORKAROUND: compact manually option, reducing the size of folders, for unknown reasons, unchecking "Always ask..." doesn't always work, in this case force it off with the mail.purge.ask pref - full details in comment 18 of the bug
  8. Can't scroll in TB5 windows due to Drivers issue - shared with Gecko aka Firefox - [GS], [bug 605357]
  9. TB5 crashes on Mac OS X 10.6.8 at startup time - bug 668850, WORKAROUND: install TB6 beta
  10. Lightning related crash due to missing Timezone service aka startup crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | cal::getTimezoneService()] - bug 675608, [GS],WORKAROUND: start in TB safe mode, disable Lighting, restart TB in normal mode, remove Lightning, restart TB, re-install Lightning, restart Thunderbird
  11. TB5 crashes on Windows at startup time [GS1, GS2] - the crashes vary among:
  • @ js_GCThingIsMarked(void*, unsigned int)
  • @ js::gc::MarkObject
  • @ js::gc::MarkKind

Many people with this crash have had good success with the version 6 beta [1]. If this helps you avoid crashes, and you need calendar, then you can use it conjunction with the next update of lightning [2].

[1] (beta available now, final releasing in a few weeks)

[2] (undergoing final testing)

Minor issues or issues fixed in TB 6 or future release

See Thunderbird 6 User Changes Page

(not in order, numbered only for convenience)

  1. Right Click Menu not functioning in HTML Insert | Link... | "Link Location" - fixed in TB 6 bug 665538 which depends on bug 642420, WORKAROUND: Use Control V / Command V GS
  2. Attachment Size in Message viewer incorrect (STR: 1. move to Local Folders 2. move to IMAP folder) - bug 669309 - fixed in TB6 Beta
  3. Popup Asking if I Want to Compact Folders => due to autocompacting enabled by default in TB5 5. WORKAROUND : Increase the threshold which triggers compaction. Tools | Options | Advanced | Network & Disk Space and set 'Compact Folders when it will save over' to 20 MB. Increase the value if compaction is still triggered frequently. Disabling auto compact is not recommended. GS
  4. Mac OS X 10.6 only - Command Shortcut for Messages i.e. Command N not showing immediately after starting TB - [bug 613776]
  5. On Windows, when the default mail app prompt comes up, and the user checks the "enable windows search" checkbox, TB doesn't remember that setting. bug 669463 - REGRESSION - seems like an easy fix for TB 6 - FIXED: TB8, TB7 and TB6 13 July 2011
  6. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F conflict and cmd_find ambiguity, used for both Find in This Message and Quick Filter - [bug 564328] Landed July 14, 2011 into TB8.
  7. Dragging and dropping a file into the message body of a compose message window no longer creates a file:// link like it used to with TB3.1. Not to be confused with dragging and dropping a file to the headers to create an attachment.
  8. Mac OS X ONLY: Can't open new windows if any windows are on a secondary monitor & bottom of secondary is NOT TOP aligned with primary - [bug 644733],[GS] WORKAROUND: align top of secondary with top of bottom monitor - fixed in FF 9,should therefore be fixed in TB 9
  9. Hard to Drag and Drop to folders not shown in the current view - [bug 674510], WORKAROUND: Folder Pane View Switcher Add-on from jikamens (thanks jikamens!)
  10. the widget for switching folder pane views is heavy and ugly and confusing to users[bug 667245] - patch available and scheduled to land in TB 8
  11. When printing messages with today's date, the date is not printed, just the time - REGRESSION: GS, [bug 669385] - WORKAROUNDS: MZ Date Display format Article, Printing Tools and ConfigDate add-on - patch landed in TB6, 7 & 8, please test in TB6 beta 3 and later builds
  12. (startup) crash due to unparseable URL [@ nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl(nsIURI*, nsISupports*)] and [@ nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl] (Mac) - is a top5 crash in TB5 but not in TB3 - bug 617721, patch landed in TB6, 7 & 8, please test in TB6 beta 3 and later builds
  13. WINDOWS: menubar and toolbar icons when focused are hard to read with aero theme - [screenshot,bug 667248] - FIXED in Thunderbird 6 Beta 2
  14. Thunderbird 5 always print background colour - Known REGRESSION, see bug 674211 is thunderbird bug GS,[bug 652914 is gecko core bug] - I believe this will land in FF9 and TB9
  15. New Account Wizard bad-input warnings are unreadable (gray-on-black) in Ubuntu 11.04 (e.g. "Please enter your name", "Double check this email address", "Username or password invalid") - Possible REGRESSION, bug 671904 FIXED in TB6,7 and 8
  16. WINDOWS:drag and drop doesn't highlight the drop folder (works with Windows Classic Theme) - bug 668631 - FIX landed in TB6, 7 and 8
  17. Cannot select address book if quick search widget is removed from toolbar - Error: gSearchInput is null ... abCommon.js Line: 588 - bug 532505 - landed in TB8, didn't make TB7
  18. WINDOWS REGRESSION:when unfocused, the Thunderbird menu bar is blurred (also happens in Firefox) - bug 677345 - fixed in Thunderbird 6 Beta 3, PLEASE TEST!
  19. Cannot see some attachments - This is a known problem with some malformed messages. The difference between 3.1.x and 5.0 in handling multipart/related attachments is that the old versions listed any content it cannot display inline in the attachment list. This is no longer the case in 5.0 and such attachments are silently dropped. GS, [bug 602718],[bug 674473], fixed in TB8
  20. Sort by Receiver or Sender name sorts by email address instead of actual name if showing only display name (Tools|Options|Advanced|Reading & Display "Show only display name for people in my address book" is checked) - UNCONFIRMED REGRESSION [GS1], [GS2], [GS3], I believe this is bug 672022 which hopefully will be fixed in TB7 - [LANDED in TB7 and 8]
  21. When filtering messages on startup into local folders with "Multiple pop accounts to the local folder inbox, multiple filters to move to other subfolders.", corruption occurs - bug 668952, GS1, GS2 - CANNOT REPRODUCE:Roland and RKent both can't reproduce the problem :-( ; could be due to it requiring multiple filters and multiple POP accounts (perhaps 4 or more?) - REPRODUCED by RKENT: Two POP accounts, download to global mailbox, read messages at startup, filter from one POP account to a LOCAL FOLDER - UNVERIFIED WORKAROUNDS: i) Set filter scope to "Checking mail (after classification) and manual," from "Checking mail and manual." ii) Disable Email Checking at Startup iii) Uncheck "Allow AV clients to quarantine..." - [we believe this is fixed and landed in TB8]

Add-on Issues

The following is an incomplete list of add-ons that have issues in Thunderbird 5. Please add to this list add-ons that have issues and if you find an add-on has been updated and works with Thunderbird, please strike it out using <del></del>

(not in order,numbered for convenience)

  1. Account Colors - MZ Thread
  2. Bidi mail aka Bidiui Add-on (conflicts with TB status bar) - [GS1], GS2, [bug 670150],[bidui bug 24167], WORKAROUND: upgrade to Bidi 0.9.6, or install a different theme like Simple Green
  3. Close Tab on Esc - MozillaZine thread
  4. Lightning:
    1. Bug 668153 - wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2 GS subjects => Fix in Lightning 1.0b5
    2. Lightning compatibility issue with thunderbird5 => a manual update is required GS
  5. Mail Tweak Extension - MZ Thread
  6. Minimize to tray add-on isn't compatible with TB5 - SOLUTION: use another add-on, like: minimizetotray-revived GS
  7. No Message Pane Sort By Mouse - MZ Thread
  8. SpamFighter TB Add-on not loading in TB 5 due to changes in XPCOM loading and other things I don't understand :-) - Spam Fighter team member Justin Bellinger is working on it with his team - [Spamfighter TB 5 thread] - WORKAROUND - use TB 3.1 or don't use Spamfighter GS
  9. Bullguard Internet Security Antivirus not yet compatible with TB5 - [GS], WORKAROUND: disable the two Bullguard add-ons in Thunderbird
  10. ESET Smart Security (NOD32 Antivirus)not yet compatible with TB5 - [GS]. ESET is aware of the problem and plan to update its add-on in september/october Official ESET forums WORKAROUND: disable the ESET antivirus add-on in Thunderbird

Beta 2 Issues

Did not find anything of note in my scan of Get Satisfaction Thunderbird 5 Beta 2 and Thunderbird 5 topics that is unique to Thunderbird 5

Not so minor issues

Minor issues or issues fixed in future releases

Beta 1 Issues

(not in order unless there's a comment indicating otherwise, require "triaging". Triaging is determining if there is a real problem and writing a bug or if there is a bug tagging the GS topic with that bug e.g. tagging it "bug 1234")

Not so minor issues

Minor issues or issues fixed in Beta 2

(numbered for convenience, not in any order!)

  1. psicon.dll aka adobe shelf crash - fixed in Thunderbird 5
  2. - Roland: Wayne should be fixed in TB 5
  3. Fixed in tb 5? roland: Wayne asked him to try thunderbird 5 beta 2 when it comes out
  4. Tabbed messages don't save their scroll position Confirmed by Roland, bug 487386
  5. Can TB5 display the attachment in detailed view other than brief view by default? Answer try: "attachments options" add-on :
  6. duplicate icon - fixed in beta 2
  7. Manage Subscription | import doesn't show OPML files - Roland: Minor bug Workaround: rename from .opml to .xml & asked GS OP to file a bug
  8. Go and then "Mail Start page" does nothing - Roland: Minor bug Workaround: it works if you click elsewhere beside Local Folders
  9. The "Manage Subscriptions" hyperlink on the "welcome" page does nothing - Roland cannot reproduce
  10. Additional Folder Sets in TB5 - "local folders extension isn't supported ... -I use local folders for folders on drives that I don't always mount. TB doesn't seem to handle this well with the default local folders" - Roland: add-on bug my guess is that this would be an easy thing for philoux the LocalFolder Add-on author to fix -

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