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If you currently provide significant support to users, or want to start providing support to users, then send an email describing your interest and experience in helping other users.

tb-support-crew is not a place for users to make suggestions or or ask for support, so it is a closed and private. "Crew" is where contributors communicate with and assist each other, so they can better support users.

Off-topic / non-goals:

Support crew topic ideas:

  • Current hot topics for users and concerns related new versions.
  • Has anybody else seen topic X in their community?
  • How do we fix problem Y for a user?
  • What is the help article for topic Z? If it doesn't exist, let's build one.
  • Onboarding new support contributors.
  • Effective use of, and best practices of, bugzilla <--> support venues <--> users.

Ideas should be on topic and:

  • Be nice (in other words, no personal attacks, ranting, etc.)
  • Be constructive (in other words, no repetition, venting, etc.)

Messages that do not meet these rules may result in moderation of the subscriber.