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Use these queries to:

  • find a bug that matches a problem you are seeing
  • learn what users and developers have reported or asked for


  • Click "Edit Search" at the bottom of a query to see how it was created, and alter to suit your needs.
  • Most queries focus on problem bugs, not user reported enhancement requests - change the "type" to "Enhancement" to get enhancements.
  • The number of bugs listed in a query can be overwhelming - don't let that discourage you. Smaller, narrowly scoped queries may be an easier place to get started.
  • Clear, reproducible bug reports are more likely to get fixed. You can help improve them using Thunderbird bug triage. Queries marked "(triage)" are great starting points for that purpose. You can also contact us to help with Bugdays.

General Queries, General Information

  • Products: Component names on each product page link to bug reports for that component. "Watch" sends you email when activity occurs in that component.

Function and UI Based Queries

These queries use advanced query, typically accross multiple components, with multiple keywords. Most can be used Thunderbird find bugs that need to be improved.

Cross Product Queries

Bugs in other Mozilla products which may impact Thunderbird are included:

More Queries

You can also see queries created others. Search the Actions/Preferences/Saved Searches page for "Thunderbird" or "TB-". (You must be logged in to bugzilla to use these) Anyone with canconfirm privs can make a query and share it to the Bugzilla page footer by going to Actions/Preferences/Saved Searches from that footer.


Help Improve This Page

If you have a useful query, please add it here or comment in the Discussion tab.