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Test Day September 18, 2008

Test days are done primarily to stress test specific features in a development version of Thunderbird, to identify its strengths and weaknesses. For this test day, several big features have landed which deserve testing prior to freezing the code which will later ship as Thunderbird 3 beta 1 (3.0b1). The objectives of this test day are :

  • to get first impressions on these new features
  • to identify any bugs, design and UI issues that might be correctable before shipping beta 1

We invite you to participate, however be advised that we will be testing with nightly builds. These nightly builds have not yet been subjected to normal release QA testing (that will happen after code freeze) and some features have only recently landed, so these builds are not considered "ship quality". Use at your own risk and protect your mail, data and profile with appropriate backups.

Note however, we have issued two version 3 alpha releases (3.0a1 and 3.0a2), and many people successfully use nightly builds without major problems or dataloss. Note also, version 3.0b1 is not anywhere near feature complete; see Thunderbird:Home for information about the future of Thunderbird.


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Using today's nightly build dated 9/18, testers are invited to examine and stress the following features are far as your imagination can go, and then provide feedback as described below. Please note some features are not yet feature complete. Please read each item's status notes before testing.

  • Improved Message Reader View: message preview and standalone message (bug 449691)
  • Inline edit card dialog (bug 450724)
    • status information and restrictions
    • Before this feature, clicking on an email address in the message header view would bring up a menu with the option of "Add to Address Book".
    • Now this feature is implemented, Thunderbird automatically detects if the email address is already in your address book, and if so it will let you edit or view it (view is in the case of read-only address books, e.g. Mac OS X interface).
    • This feature will soon be extended with stars, like the Firefox Edit Bookmark UI, to display immediate feedback if the user is in your address book or not.
  • Better Faster IMAP : Preemptive/Automatic message download (bug 436615)
    • This is intended to improve IMAP performance by preemptively downloading messages from the server, this is done during idle times.
    • Most of this should be hidden behind the scenes from the user, therefore the testing here is to ensure that IMAP accounts work correctly for you.
    • More details on the design of this feature can be found here: MailNews:Better_Faster_IMAP2#2.29_Preemptive.2FAutomatic_Message_Download
  • Birthday field in address book (bug 13595)
    • The "Other" tab of the address book contact dialog now has a birthday field.
    • Known issue bug 455797 birthday picker doesn't let me enter certain dates, resets day and year.
  • Address autocomplete, toolkit based (bug 360648)
    • This is a backend change, and so autocompleting in the compose window should be unaffected.
    • One known bug bug 447927 Additional Email field of address book entries not included in address autocompletion.
  • Mac OS X Address Book bug 203927
    • There is now a read-only link to the Mac OS X address book, this is used for all standard address book related functions where we don't need to write to cards.
    • Known issue: bug 407582 Thunderbird doesn't respect primary email address of OS X address book when sending messages to a list.

How to provide feedback

The bug numbers above are strictly for technical reference, not as means for feedback. Where wiki pages note existing known bugs/problems, please take them into account when providing feedback. Both negative and positive feedback will be helpful. To provide feedback, please use either wiki or Hendrix:

** Wiki requires an easy to create wiki account. Wiki allows you to see other people's comments on the discussion tab. From the discussion tab click the edit tab and add your feedback at the bottom of the edit screen. Be careful not to erase prior comments when editing.

For issues not related to new features:

Help and Tips

Ask for help on IRC in #testday if you need assistance. See the Testdays page for information about IRC and other est day information.

How you can help

See Getting Involved and Thunderbird:Testing for other ways you can help with Thunderbird.


Thank you helping today. We appreciate you taking the time to participate in the open source development process, and for helping to improve Thunderbird