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Bug Day April 13, 2019

Bug days are conducted to help move bugs toward getting fixed, and to close bug reports which cannot be reproduced. We do this by testing the user's report and by helping users improve the quality of their bug report. In more fun terms what we do is swat, squash, pound, massage, and stomp bugs into submission.

See the Bugdays page for information on how to get help, how to get started, and schedule.


Today's goal is to work on bugs related to Thunderbird 60 and the future Thunderbird 68, by helping users who have recently reported bugs. Triage bugs from the examples below, or pick any bugs you like. If you need help ask someone in the chat channel.

Questions about using Thunderbird that don't involved a bug please can be addressed at Thunderbird support website.


Don't be concerned if you don't understand everything, just ask for help.

Check the general Bugdays information, especially the what to do with the bugs.

If you need help during bug day, or to have friendly chat with fellow volunteers, go to in #tb-qa IRC channel

Searching in bugzilla can be tricky. Quick search tricks might help. Again, please ask on IRC if you still need help.


To be posted after bugday is completed