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Thunderbird 3.0alpha1 is intended to be a (mostly) date-driven release. The main goal is to start shipping software again; a secondary goal is to show that we've got something that's already ahead of Thunderbird 2.0.

The Thunderbird 3.0alpha1 code freeze started at 23:59 PDT, April 23.


  • We now have blocking & wanted flags for both 3.0a1 and 3.0 (final). They mean pretty much what they say. Feel free to nominate for blockers as appropriate. It's ok to nominate for wanted as well, but I (dmose) expect that will be used mostly for the case where thunderbird-drivers decides that something's not strong enough to block but still worth caring about and potentially recruiting volunteers for.
  • What should block 3.0a1? Not very much; mostly things that would truly impair usability on a day-to-day basis. dataloss bugs, crashers, and bugs with serious usability impact are likely to qualify.


A mailing list for thunderbird-drivers is under construction, and bits of triage are already happening in an ad-hoc fashion. Once the mailing list is set up, we'll schedule regular triage meetings, this should happen "soon".

Bugzilla Queries

There are shared queries in Bugzilla for various states of these flags. Anyone with canconfirm privs (which should include most interested folks) can add them to the Bugzilla page footer by going to Actions/Preferences/Saved Searches from that footer.