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This document outlines the suggested reorganization of the categories on AMO. Is is in support of AMO v3.2 and is tracked in bug 399655. It was suggested that we attempt to recategorize sooner than the release of AMO v3.2 to give time for authors to select their new categories and have the add-ons "settle in".

Category Revision

The following are the new suggested categories:

  • New Categories are:
Alerts & UpdatesPrivacy & Security
BookmarksSearch Tools
Download ManagementSocial & Communication
Feeds, News & BloggingTabs
Language ToolsThemes & Appearance
Languages & DictionariesToolbars
Photos, Music & VideosWeb Development
  • Eventually, I'd like to leave our "Other" since no one goes and looks for "Other" add-ons....but for the interim, we will include it for migration purposes. It's the default category for add-ons whose categories have been eliminated.
  • Here is the mapping from before to after for the extension categories:
Old CategoryNew Category
RSS, News and BloggingFeeds, News & Blogging
Web and Developer ToolsWeb Development
Downloading and File ManagementDownload Management
Privacy and SecurityPrivacy & Security
Search ToolsSearch Tools
Interface CustomizationsEventually will be a subcategory within "Themes & Appearance". In the interim, we keep the category as is.
Site-specificEliminated, use Other
Language Support and TranslationLanguage Tools
Photos and MediaPhotos, Music & Videos
Social and SharingSocial & Communication
Web Data, Alerts, and WidgetsAlerts & Updates for most. Web Data and Widgets need to be remapped manually
MiscellaneousEliminated, use Other