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The goal of AMO Version 3.2 is to radically simplify the add-ons experience for end users thru better navigation, recategorization and site design.


Navigation / Page Design

AMO site redesign mockups are available as well as current detailed designs.

ID Priority Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
DES-0 P1 Implement new Global CSS docs bug 401268
DES-1 P1 Implement Add-Ons details page bug 396736
  • Highlight ratings widget
  • Ratings Summary (stars)
DES-2 P1 Implement categories page bug 396737
DES-3 P1 Implement front page bug 396738
DES-4 P1 Implement search results page (SRP) bug 396739

Category Revision

The types work has not been completed as it depends upon the redesign.

The goal of the category revision is to help eliminate the confusion associated with the various "Add-On" types. These types may remain but will not be a primary distinguisher of an add-on. The type may continue to be indicated (e.g. on SRPs) but the functionality offering should be the bigger emphasis.

ID Priority Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
CAT-1 P1 Implement new categories list bug 396741
  • New Categories are:
Alerts & UpdatesPrivacy & Security
BookmarksSearch Tools
Download ManagementSocial & Communication
Feeds, News & BloggingTabs
Language ToolsThemes & Appearance
Languages & DictionariesToolbars
Photos, Music & VideosWeb Development
  • I'm hoping that we can leave our "Other" but include it for now for migration purposes. It's the default category for add-ons whose categories have been eliminated.
CAT-2 P1 Reclassify all existing add-ons into new categories bug 396742
  • Here is the mapping from before to after for the types:
Old TypeNew Category
ExtensionsEliminated as a type per see - categories from Browse all extensions has been elevated to the top level.
ThemesThemes & Appearance
Search EnginesSearch Tools
PluginsEliminated (see Note below)
DictionariesLanguages & Dictionaries
  • Here is the mapping from before to after for the extension categories:
Old CategoryNew Category
RSS, News and BloggingFeeds, News & Blogging
Web and Developer ToolsWeb Development
Downloading and File ManagementDownload Management
Privacy and SecurityPrivacy & Security
Search ToolsSearch Tools
Interface CustomizationsSubcategory within "Themes & Appearance"
Language Support and TranslationLanguage Tools
Photos and MediaPhotos, Music & Videos
Social and SharingSocial & Communication
Web Data, Alerts, and WidgetsAlerts & Updates for most. Web Data and Widgets need to be remapped manually
MiscellaneousEliminated (unless we have to have Other)
  • We've opted to remove Plugins from the current AMO site for several reasons
    • They get very little traffic
    • They are confusing since they are not really hosted on AMO itself
    • The don't fit the existing categorization
    • We'd like to introduce the new multi-tier PFS system and integrate into AMO in a nicer way
    • Desire to keep the categories list simple
  • 11-2-07 Update: I noticed in Firefox 1.5/2.0.0.x that we explicitly link to the plugins page on AMO. This does not bode well for removing plugins. We may need to retain them on AMO for now.
  • The default new location for add-ons not specifically remaped will be "Other". This will be the holding bin. Then, there will be some "manual reclassification" that will need to happen to move the various items there into new categories.
  • Search will have subcategories as follows:
Bookmarks Business Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
General Kids Meta-search
Music News & Blogs Photos & Images
Shopping & E-Commerce Social & People Sports
Travel Video

Search Changes

ID Priority Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
SRCH-1 P1 Visually indicate experimental add-ons in Search Results
SRCH-2 P2 Include title, category and description as valid search terms. SRP can include individual addons (all types) as well as category names or content from the addon description (not just the addon summary).
SRCH-3 P2 Review top 50 searches and see if expected results are shown. There are a selection of terms where we should "intercede" as shown in special results pages. bug 401849

Image viewer

Replace the existing thumbnail viewer with a lightbox style viewer. Implement Image Viewer (IMG-1) bug 396743

Application segregation

ID Priority Requirement Assignee Bug/Design links
APP-1 P1 Create staging and production instances of AMO v3.1 for Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Sunbird
  • Doesn't appear to be required since the AMO app already has clear code and database separation
  • Eng has suggested that the application segregation be achieved without creation of separate instances.
APP-2 P1 Reposition the "Application Selector" to the header.
APP-3 P1 Preserve (as much as possible) the old URL scheme for accessing addons content since people link directly to AMO detail pages
APP-4 P2 Include application names as a special search result.