Update:Remora/Discussions Revamp

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  • Move away from Vanilla for maintenance, anti-bloat, and security reasons
  • Provide a simple, well integrated discussions interface that implements only the features we need


  • Provide one optional forum per addon, with multiple threads and integrated user log on
  • Do we want general AMO discussions, with e.g. discussions of how to create an addon, developer support, suggested ideas for addons, discussions of desired AMO features? Is this adequately covered by the new newsgroup and MDC/Mozillazine etc? - Yes, it's covered, no, we won't do this.
  • Import existing discussions data into new forums
  • Threading display does not need to be nested
  • Agreed that posts should not be able to contain HTML/BBCode. Later we will add this ability, but to support links we are required to host addons on a different domain than the discussions (same old problem) - morgamic will create a bug for this. This will require either changes in the client or to move AMO to AMC so it might be a while.
  • Discussions should be off by default for an addon.
  • If discussions should be turned off and on again then data should be retained in between times.


  • Custom to avoid same issues as with Vanilla


  • Targeting the next dot release after 3.4.7, whatever that is.