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March 26th

  • Lets ship it!

March 19th

We're nearing the finish line!

March 12th

  • Look lively folks!
  • Triage - what do we have that doesn't absolutely need to happen within the next week?
  • l10n - quite a few @partial cases, and I am not sure what to do with all of them; feels like we should have a 2nd l10n push after 3.2 or... ? (morgamic) ACTION: Morgamic will send Wil a msg about late-l10n batch
  • SAMO updated Tues, 10pm
  • Patched submitted for PFS blockers
  • Need to contact vendors with install.js to let them know about installerLocation/installerHash options
  • Working with Sun and Adobe to fix their .xpi's for Vista
  • Need a blocklist policy... bad... have a draft
  • v1 patch for plugin blocklisting
  • Need to manually tests the dev cp.
  • Cake inflector messes up findBy camelcase between php4 and php5 -- cases where we have $foo->findByAddon_Id or (my fav) $foo->findByID (instead of Id):




`Foo`.`addon__id` (hawt.)
`Foo`.`i_d` (wtf?!)
Load Tests
  • Used grinder proxy to create test cases in SVN on Sunday: http://svn.mozilla.org/addons/branches/3.1/bin/grinder/
  • PHP5 not a load issue, more concerned about functionality in dev cp
  • Should profile today or tomorrow to catch anything stupid (been a month or so since last kcachegrind love session)

March 5th

AMO 3.2
  • What is our strategy for deploying the open search plugins in Basil's .zip
    • Upload them in preview so we can see at least a few of them to test pages
    • Upload all in production like before
    • Make Wil and/or Basil the default owner for these
    • Re-parent so it's owned by owner
  • https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=416779
    • No place to currently store the locale for language packs to match up to a dictionary -- fix in 3.2?
    • Fred will create a db field for being able to display dicts & langs
  • "RATE IT" on add-on detail page is all caps and messes up L10n. Do we really need to yell this? --clouserw
    • also,what happend to using stars? As it stands, I think there will be confusion as to whether 1 or 5 is the high score. --madhava
  • What's going on with the plethora of validation errors on preview? --stephend
    • It's the Cake upgrade (we switched doctypes along with it)
  • What was the resolution to the "blank front page" issue from yesterday? {Resolution: could not reproduce, not sure what caused it}
  • Will include PHP5 support
  • Working Date Schedule: Tuesday, March 18th (AMO v3.2 & PHP5 deployment)
  • L10N Update: ja, fr, cs, es-ES, sk, ru, da, it, sq, ca, nl, pt-PT, el, id are complete. Tier 1 locales remaining - de, zh-CN & pl
API / Add-Ons Manager
  • Recommended topic followup with security team - no changes required for now
  • In process, thread about changing some Fx3 install dialog text
Editor throughput ideas
  • accelerating reviews: if an addon has many (8+) positive reviews just check for namespaces then approve
  • if approved many times before, likely to approve again
  • offer trusted to top addons
  • put guidelines of what an editor will do with the upload
    • make developer go though checklist and "agree" with checklist before uploading
  • expose activity and queues of the editors
  • have a few editors working just on the latest stuff (helps with throughput) -- lots of reviews and updates, recommended, etc
  • advertise becoming an editor to developers upon nomination of addons
  • msg addon developers looking for new editors

February 27th

AMO Process
AMO 3.2
  • Page Design changes
    • Drafts from Craig for the main page navigation changes & Version History (tbd).
    • Review main page with no triangle icon next to the category & triangle icon to the left of the apps
    • Main page collapsed
  • Search engines
    • Making the latest OpenSearch files available on preview
    • Do we need/have detailed pages?
  • Dictionary & Languages
    • Do we have/need detailed pages?
  • Localization Update
    • Resulted in a couple broken pages here and here
  • We will not update to PHP5 before launching AMO 3.2
  • Security Review action items
    • SHA-256 for install hashes?
    • Implications of "Recommended" within Firefox

February 20th

AMO 3.2
  • Plugins are going away, right? What if we check for the user searching for one (since there are so few) and put a banner at the top that says "If you're looking for $plugin, visit $site." That way we give the users a bit of a transition space instead of just removing them completely. --clouserw
  • Can we decide on what is the expected behavior of bug 418146? --stephend
    • comment added to bug -- madhava
  • Scheduling update/adjustment? --stephend
  • Need help aggregating feedback...
    • I've stated filling out a Usability/UI Revisions section on this page: Update:Remora_Feedback -- madhava
    • [Basil & Madhava] Summarize proposal and ask of team
  • Search plugins are a mess because...
  • Need help with l10n process (really don't want to wait any longer!)
    • Additional tooltips a nice-to-have but in most cases are not must-haves
    • Image next/prev/close buttons need to be ported from slimbox -> jquery, so those are in there already
    • Any other reasons to stall l10n???
    • [Wil] Draft an email re:starting L10N and send to amo-editors for review
  • The T-shirt form is live! wo wooo
  • Updated other items last night @ 8pm
  • Schedule
    • Preview launched Feb 11, announced Feb 15, 1 week behind
    • l10n has little over 2.5 weeks to localize instead of 4
    • 82 bugs filed by stephend against 3.2 version
    • 18 bugs remaining in 3.2 TM queue
    • Over a week behind right now, need to step it up (talking between Wednesdays and reading bugmail would help)

February 13th

AMO 3.2 business:

  • What are we going to do about the missing language packs on the language tools landing page (mock, reskin)? Currently we don't seem to have any in the database. Are there any we should add? (wenzel)
    • RESOLUTION: There are add-ons that are actually lang packs, which we can change the status for with some SQL. Yet they don't allow us to find out which locale they are covering. Further discussion in bug 416779.
  • We got a request (via email) to maybe change the install button text from "show license agreement" to something that implies that this will take you to the actual install button also. Comments/Suggestions? (wenzel)
    • [madhava] I'd be happy to have all the front-line buttons say "Add to Firefox" even if they occasionally lead to license agreements. Then the button text corresponds to what the user is trying to do.
    • RESOLUTION: bug filed and fixed.
  • Recommended v. Featured add-ons, read the req's
  • Preview site announcement & performance questions (draft blog) -- also realized that preview is not auto updating... will talk to IT before meeting
  • l10n next steps (starting point for wiki page)

Other business:

  • AMO API updates
  • T-shirt form status
  • Extension compatibility
  • Blocklist anomaly

morgamic's questions to ponder:

  • Discussions? Are we silently phasing out discussions?

(note: questions below are to make sure we're doing what's best for users)

  • Does blurring add-on types go against user familiarity/confuse users?
  • Will mash-up landing pages make things harder to find?
  • Why don't we have action-based navigation anywhere? By "action-based navigation" I mean:
What do you want to do today?
  Find an extension.
  Change my theme.
  Add a new search to my search bar.
  Choose my dictionary.

February 6th

  • Should we keep the "show sandbox" option in the user settings? If so, should we change it to a preference ("Show experimental add-ons by default") that always activates the "experimental" checkbox on the category pages? We could also just drop the setting completely for now and have people explicitly activate the button, no matter if they are logged in. (wenzel)
    • RESOLUTION: We will remove the user pref from the profile and we will make the selection sticky for logged on users. For logged out users, users will have to reselect whether they want to show experimental addons.
  • display page stuff
    • similar add-ons and category links on right side of display page: keep or not keep?
    • more from category link -- what if there are 3+ categories?
    • test the jquery lightbox implementation on display page, see if it works for you
    • reviews from display page don't have titles -- how to handle?
  • global stuff
  • schedule
    • l10n slushie can happen on friday
    • global fixes wednesday (for non-accounted-for pages)
    • category landing pages block l10n, done by friday -- which still gives l10n folks ~1 month
    • recommend we get this to the public on Monday and we can test the hell out of the app next week (which was expected... feb1 - feb14)
      • ACTION: Setup a L10N wiki page for list of changes required by localizers [morgamic/fligtar]
  • AMO updates
    • We should push Thursday night so we can get some fixes in and update the db for review counts and averagerating counts
    • post-push I need to re-merge trunk onto 3.2
    • oremj set up https://addons-prod.stage.mozilla.com/ which worked for 4 hours then died -- but it will be a place to test the prod tag in the future
      • ACTION: Need owner for bug 415856 - ratings updates
  • T-shirt work
    • Chris has a patch out for tshirt form, reviewing it and should get that out the door by Tuesday next week at the latest
  • API
    • Any chance we can get bug 415304 fixed before Firefox 3 Beta 3?
  • Dev Control Panel

January 30th

  • Dictionaries for FF3 are incompatible with FF2? How are we going to handle this on the AMO side?
  • Earlier mockups have had "similar add-ons" and category links in the listitems boxes on the full listing page; the CSS implementation doesn't have this anymore. Do we want to re-add them or drop them? (wenzel)
    • We decided on keeping the category links (on the category listing as well as search results page) but not to include a "similar add-ons" link at the moment because we don't have a useful measure of similarity (besides the same categories) at the moment.
  • AI: Developer's Guide [Mfinkle]
  • [Morgamic] Resolution for dictionary approach in Firefox 3

January 23rd

  • Review open action items from last week
  • AMO v3.2
    • Review detailed schedule
    • pt-PT and zh-CN are now supported locales! (total now 22)
    • If we can split some projects off, we should add them to the Seneca projects page and see if we can get some help
      • An idea: Our .xpi source browser with tags
      • [All] Come up with some neat, easily separable AMO dev projects. Add it the Seneca project page.
    • Dev Panel Preview
    • Can we deal with localized search engines?
    • [Morgamic] Create IT bug for updating Reskin database periodically
    • [Basil & Wil] Understand search engine localization strategy
  • AMO Q1 2008 Goals
    • Ship AMO v3.2 (Site Redesign)
    • Reach 95% addon compatibility with Fx3 as tracked by AMO active usage (not total addons population)
    • Map out AMO v3.4 (PHP5, Search Performance, Full Text Search, bug fixes, & New Processing Queue?)
    • Ensure AMO API scalability and readiness for Fx3
  • Misc

January 16th

  • AMO v3.2 Progress
    • Is the reskin site current? Yes
    • [On Alert] Slow searches, adding "Install button" will make searches slower. Need to watch performance on reskin site. Consider removing install button if perf is bad.
    • [Basil & Madhava] Review Craig's work on Focalcurve
    • Search stuff
      • [Wil] Writeup the steps we need to do a proper search engines migration - added to bug 409076
      • [Basil] Contact the 23 authors and let them know about new format
      • [Basil/Wil] See if Gavin has a tool for migrating from Sherlock to OpenSearch. Answer: He has one that goes the other way. Is willing to cobble something together for us. Getting timing on when he can get it done.
      • [Basil] Check with Sam re:Camino's needs. Resolved. Camino supports OpenSearch and not Sherlock. The bug calls out that the install method that AMO currently uses prevents search engines from being installed into Camino because the DOM/JS method is not supported.
    • Category Migration
      • Assigned to Wil to figure out. We should revive Lars' migration script?
    • Need to resolve that a Reco List page exists. It does need to exist - bug 412659
  • AMO v3.3 API
    • Several bug fixes and API push required. Laura is all over it.
    • Big test will be with Fx 3 Beta 3 where the new addons manager will be included.
  • Developer Control Panel
    • Shall we release it beta or remora reskin? We will release it as part of v3.2
    • Feature Managers (Admin & Editor) is it fully functional? Yes!
    • Switched to timeplot - looking good Fligtar!
  • AMO Editors
    • We need a better way of dealing with amo-editors requests and we need to deal with the currently pending ones.
      • Type 1 Request: I just fixed something. Can you approve it?
      • Type 1 Request: Objecting to being pulled into sandbox?
    • While we're at it we need to do something about the add-on queues. (Date is probably the version submit date.) Let's monitor the followsup closely.
    • Produce an editor training video (post to youtube)
    • Establish some clear guidelines and policies and document them
    • How do we deal with the 120 ExFx2 contest add-ons & the Firefox 3 load that is coming down the pike? Make public the finalists and for other ones send the authors a note telling them to host on AMO/sandbox and leave up to them to decide.
    • [Morgamic] Help Alex Polvi become an AMO editor
  • Reco List
    • Basil has 6 open requests for being added to the Reco list. Was awaiting v3.2. But should we do it sooner? Yes, we should. Don't hold up.
  • Mozilla.com updates
  • Google Analytics
    • In process. Once we agree that we have it done right, we'll file a bug for v3.2.

January 9th

  • Redesign (v3.2) Progress
  • API Status
  • Fx3 Add-Ons Mgr
  • Add-Ons Review Assistance (Extend Firefox entries?)
  • Firefox 3 readiness

January 2nd

  • We've got about 20 add-ons that have been in the queue for more than 2 months. We should do something about that.
    • morgamic will make a list so we can help the editors out
  • Schedule is too optimistic, will be pushing things back to allow time for l10n but not too much since we don't wantt o run into Fx3 code freeze. More when Basil gets back.

December 19th

  • We need to come to a decision on policy for adding new search engines. Will we allow anyone to do this and if not, where do we draw the line?
  • In a similar vein, the search engine page isn't localizable right now (bug 375052). I'd like to talk about making the search engine page more like our new localizable recommended list, meaning that localizers could choose what is on the page. bug 359740 talks about this, but if we want it we should file a new one)
  • Similarly, we want to allow search engines to have categories - bug 408525
  • API Docs [[1]] - feedback required. Do we want to give sample responses and/or a DTD for responses?
  • Google Analytics being tested for AMO on an internal vm off khan-vm.
  • Next meeting will be 1/2/2008 @ 10:00am PST

December 12th

  • Where's link to Developer Control Panel in new mocks?
    • madhava and fligtar discussed having a new box on the right above We Recommend with links for logged-in users.
    • Current links would be My Account, Developer Tools, Editors, Localizer, and Admin links.
    • Possibility for future links like My Favorites or My Reviews.
    • When logged in, register | log in should change to nobody@mozilla.org | log out
    • quick mockup
  • Our new design leaves some questions with L10n
  • Yesterday and Monday morgamic merged trunk with 3.2 branch this week (was a pain to merge), did global css, images, header and footer -- should be localized except for phrase at the top -- working on implementing main view elements next (search, sidebar, category picker)
  • Reskin is being updated as changes are committed (need to set Craig up with an account) https://remora-reskin.stage.mozilla.com/
  • Stats
    • developer dashboard - no progress since last week; waiting for logs to be restored. After that, I will be able to more fully test the code and make sure it's working as intended before requesting review, staging a public preview, and then launching.
    • other dashboard - working with oremj. Plan is to eventually have only IT parsing the logs and populating their database, from which we will populate ours. This will not happen until possibly Q1, so developer stats should continue to launch as planned.

December 5th

  • Good times last week working face-to-face
  • Moved the notes from last week's meetings into the Future Features document. Still needs more priorities. Immediate action items are below.
    • AI: [Basil] Setup Google Analytics account (done)
    • AI: [Wil] Revisit the locale packs for add-ons discussion and recommend approach
    • AI: [Laura] Add updateinfourl to update service
  • Projects Update
    • AMO v3.2 (Redesign)
    • AMO v3.3 (API)
      • Documentation & Specs status
      • AI: [Basil & Laura] Figure out stats tracking for API
    • Plugin Checker?
    • AMO migration to Google Analytics
      • Need AMO testing instance setup
      • Goals and metrics are ready for integration into site
  • Mandatory Threedom
    • Stats dashboard only for Fx3 updated extensions?
    • If Firefox 3 launched today... (bug 406898)
  • Other Updates
    • Greek is now a supported language (brings total up to 20). Thanks to George Fiotakis.
    • Posted Moz2 requirements per our brainstorm