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This page exists to define the best suited alarm behaviour for different use cases and scenarios within the calendar.

Please feel free to add your notes for other alarm behaviours. New designs and use cases can be created which will help give the discussion enough momentum to go the next level.

Alarms for rescheduled events

When an event is rescheduled the associated alarm should move with it.

If an alarm trigger is reached for an event it can be snoozed or dismissed. If the alarm is snoozed and the event is rescheduled before the snooze delay has finished e.g the event is dragged to the next day, the current behaviour is for the alarm reminder to reappear at the end of the snooze delay, showing the new event date.

My suggested behaviour is for the snoozed alarm reminder not to reappear if the event it is attached to has been rescheduled before the end of the snooze delay, but instead to trigger at the originally defined number of minutes/hours ahead of the rescheduled event date.