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Welcome to the wiki of the Mozilla Calendar Project.

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This wiki represents a collection of easily-editable pages providing a variety of information on both the standalone calendar application Sunbird (discontinued), and the calendaring extension for Mozilla Thunderbird, code-named Lightning.

Please keep in mind that while every effort is made to keep these pages up-to-date, sometimes pages do become obsolete.

Latest Releases

  • Lightning 0.9 – The calendaring extension for Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Sunbird 0.9 – Our standalone calendar application for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Note that this project was discontinued with version 1.0 Beta 1 on March 30, 2010.

For end-users

These pages contain information that end-users (that's you!) will hopefully find useful.

  • User Documentation – User Manual / Help / Documentation – For 0.9 release (Needs your contribution!)
  • FAQ – "Frequently Asked Questions" concerning Sunbird and Lightning
  • How to contribute – Looking to get involved? Look here for some good starting points.
  • Calendar:Charter (draft) – The overall mission of the calendar project
  • Target Users – Who we're writing software for
  • Calendar:Lightning – (jminta-will probably move?) Links to all pages related to Lightning
  • Past Releases – Where we've been.
  • Roadmap – Where we're going.
  • Blocking Flags – How we choose what makes it into each release.

For developers

These are pages for people interested in contributing in a more formal way to Sunbird and Lightning development, whether through testing (QA), or coding.

General Info


QA and Further Information