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Work to do

Current TODO List

Rapid Release for SeaMonkey

As of 4th October 2018:

2.59    = Release         [ string frozen ] (Gecko 62)
2.60    = Comm-Beta       [ string frozen ] (Gecko 63)
2.61    = Trunk (nightly)                   (Gecko 64)

But currently at release 2.49.4.

Status on the New Infrastructure

Infrastructure Status

SeaMonkey Bugs

SeaMonkey Releng Notes

  • To do Language Repacks:
  1. go to Buildmaster
  2. cd ./tools-user/buildbot-helpers
  3. wget -O my-locales --
  4. (edit the my-locales file for the changes required)
  5. /builds/buildbot/master01/bin/python -m -t SEAMONKEY_<release #>_RELEASE -v -s my-locales -n ewong
  • To backout tag/update changes:
  • old way (for cvs stuff)

cvs backout: (for

  • cvs update
  • cvs log <filename>
  • cvs update -j <bad version> -j <good version> <filename>
  • cvs ci -m "<commit message>"

hg backout (for


  • New way


  • hg pull ; hg update
  • hg backout -r <update revision>
  • hg commit -m <commit message>
  • hg backout -r <patcher update revision>
  • hg commit -m <commit message>
  • hg push ...

War on RDF

Due to my newfound hatred towards RDF, I've now tasked myself to go through the RDF bugs and remove traces of RDF from the tree. No, it isn't going to be easy, but I'm telling myself to do it once step at a time.

My first step:

  • bug 507676 - Port |Bug 435804 - Remaining rdf cleanup for FilterListDialog| to SeaMonkey


Misc Info

Old Info

Old Stuff