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Who is Michael Kohler?

I'm a computer science student at the University of Berne, Switzerland. In early 2009 I began to provide patches for different bugs, mostly in the Firefox component. Nowadays I'm still working on Firefox code, though I'm not as active anymore.

You can either write an email to my bugmail adress (it's <my name> or you can (sometimes) find me on's #developers channel using the nickname mkohler.

What do I work on?

Changelog: old bugzilla address or new bugzilla address

All bugzilla assignments: ALL @michaelkohler

Current bugzilla assignments: @michaelkohler


Participated in Firefox_6_Release_Party_in_Bern, Switzerland

Participated in Firefox_7_Release_Party_in_Bern, Switzerland

Participated at the Mozilla Festival2011

Participated in Firefox_8_Release_Get_Together_in_Bern, Switzerland

Participated in MozPub_Zurich_Jan2012, Switzerland

Organized Global Weekend of Code Zürich, Switzerland

Events planned to attend

MozCampEU2012, September 8th to September 9th 2012 in Warsaw, Poland

Mozilla Festival 2012, November 9th to November 11th 2012 in London, England