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How I got to mozilla

I started to use mozilla (the suite) with version 1.0 (which should be about 4 years ago, I think). I've used Netscape up to version 6.0 before.

The features of mozilla fascinated me and so I also recommended mozilla to all my family members, colleagues and friends who are mozilla users now, too ;-)

Finally mozilla has got one of my hobbies. I try to help people using mozilla and I develop the extension PrefBar.

My mozilla based work


Some time after I got to know mozilla I found PrefBar as the first and only extension I installed. As I had some ideas how to improve PrefBar I started to learn how to code in XUL and Javascript (I did Quick Basic and Visual Basic before and so I had basic programming knowledge). My first own component in PrefBar was the Importer-/Exporter.

That day I'm the current Project Owner of the PrefBar project and I have replace nearly everything of the PrefBar code (perhaps 5% or less is unchaged).

My primary target for PrefBar is the Mozilla Suite. All features I add have to run in the suite and firefox. I don't add anything which would break suite support.

Slim Modern Skin

My favourite skin for mozilla is the "modern skin". As the buttons on modern skin are really big and many vertical screen space is wasted that way I've create a slim version which can be found on my homepage

So far my slim version is no "real skin" but a zipfile which has to be extracted to the profiles chrome directory. After that just add one line to your userChrome.css and slimmodern is active.


I've also written several tutorials about several problems in mozilla I and other users had. They are only in german so far, but I'll translate them into english as soon as possible.


Perhaps not as interesting as the above points (as I even didn't update the windows-only tools for several months (years?)), but perhaps someone is interested in the tools I've written.

SeaMonkey project

My current project next to PrefBar (I plan to finish the next PrefBar version soon) is the SeaMonkey project.

As the Mozilla foundation plans to stop support of the mozilla suite a new developer team is needed. The new suite will be 100% community driven which can be a big advantage.

As I don't like the "beginners" GUI of Firefox and Thunderbird and I even don't like the concept of tearing something apart that fits great in a suite it is really important for me that the suite survives.

I'm the author of the first posting about this project in the german usenet which was perhaps one of the things which set the ball rolling.

So far I contributed several things to the wiki (mostly minor changes). I've initially created the SeaMonkey:Supporters list and I resort this list from time to time. I've also added a counter to the page which runs on my webspace.