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Road to Single (prod) Jenkins


  1. ease the pain and cognitive load of migrating (and using/configuring/troubleshooting, etc.) jobs to our new, combined-team, AWS-provisioned Jenkins server
  2. speed up the process by standardizing on processes + configurations (as much as possible), and ensuring we have accurate and up-to-date documentation
  1. Updated docs on, or linked to from, its Mana page, covering:
    1. making sure your SSH key is in cloudops-deployment repo
    2. proxy setup (FoxyProxy/built-in manager) - we'll graciously transplant from
    3. how to connect to bastion host
  2. For Web QA projects we're migrating over as stand-alone jobs/builds (i.e. not-yet hooked into Dev + Ops' build + deploy pipeline):
    1. have implemented Tox and a Jenkinsfile, in that order - tracked in our Automation Baseline page
  3. Decommission the following hosts, along with any dependencies: