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New contributors

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Where to find us

Team purpose

To support the infrastructure and creation of automated tests for evaluating the performance of Firefox products. This provides value by exposing gaps in coverage, revealing areas where we can make performance gains, identifying performance regressions in a timely manner, and by providing key performance metrics that assist in determining how Firefox measures against release criteria.

What we do

  • Identification of gaps in performance test infrastructure and monitoring.
  • Designing and building performance test infrastructure and monitoring solutions.
  • Supporting Firefox engineers on writing performance tests.
  • Supporting Firefox engineers on investigating regressions identified by tests.
  • Collaboration with release operations on infrastructure requirements.
  • Standing up performance tests in continuous integration environments.
  • Monitoring performance test results and identifying potential regressions.
  • Supporting performance sheriffs with tools to assist in identifying regressions.
  • Developing test plans for performance testing.
  • Running adhoc manual or partially automated performance testing.

What we don't do

  • Maintenance of infrastructure hardware.
  • Maintain the continuous integration pipeline.
  • Writing/maintaining all performance tests.



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