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(responding to some of your comments on SoftwareTesting, MozillaQualityAssurance:Home Page)

Reading the original wiki has convinced me to take testing more seriously -- in particuler, . While it's perhaps too late to strictly follow , perhaps some future version of the Mozilla will become one of the .

--DavidCary 13:05, 30 Dec 2005 (PST)

p.s.: I don't understand this edit: .

Hi David. I'm in the middle of refactoring the Software Testing main page - the edit was one step to make the main page a portal and move my proposed project(s) and thoughts to their own pages.

I too take testing seriously, and would like to see the mozilla codebase become filled with unit tests and code developed test-first and excellent code in general.

How would you like to help?

--Davel 15:18, 30 Dec 2005 (PST)