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Make printing popup windows possible

Currently (FF1.5) if some web page opens some popup showing you some information (e.g. a software license print view), it is not possible to print that on paper, because the context menu of that popup misses "print". If you try selecting "print" from "File -> Print", you will switch focus to the main window and print that one. This basically forces you to use another browser for that.

Comment: Maybe this can be combined with my idea regarding showing the menu bar (more here). If you can access the menu in every window you can print everywhere (and do all the other things, too).
--Bur 13:06, 9 Dec 2005 (PST)

Make textarea searchable

Mozilla 1.7.xx can search in a textarea, Firefox 1.5 can not. If you hit Ctrl-F, it will search everything except the text in the textarea you are currently editing. Especially for wiki usage, this is annoying. If you edit a long page or section, you need search for finding the right place to edit sometimes. And not every wiki offers section editing, making the text amount in textarea even bigger and this problem happening more often.

A workaround for this is using "highlight", which at least colours the word you search in yellow. Then manually search the textarea for something yellow...

This is fixed already for Firefox 2 -- JonHa 15:21, 15 October 2006 (PDT)