Verbatim/Weekly Update/2009-07-30

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Meeting Details

  • Meeting canceled this week, just meeting notes.


Seth, Gandalf, Fred


  • Roundtable


Round table

  • sethb (copied from IRC --wenzel)
    • things i'd like to do for next thursday
    • quick demo from wenzel and gandalf [and myself] at the beginning of the day
    • the same strategic chat we had a few weeks ago
    • with some specific demo for the team
    • we'll brainstorm for a while
    • and then spend some hours hacking on bugs, with the whole team (stas, axel, jhiatt, wenzel, gandalf, pascal...)
    • should be a productive day
    • we'll finish with some lightning presentation
  • wenzel
    • Worked on further integrating AMO
    • Working on getting htmltidy and Pootle's html2po to work togethter in order to extract strings from localizable AMO pages properly.
    • Not sure yet on how to merge existing translated pages with the en-US templates properly
    • Also not sure how to detect newly created pages, and possibly removed pages
  • gandalf
    • Done
      • Got Pootle hooks removed where needed
      • Remora gettext handling fixed to work without msgctxt or with normal msgctxt
      • Eventually worked out consensus to keep context only where needed.
      • Wrote a script to massive-convert PO files
      • SUMO integrated into Pootle locally
    • Plan
      • Need more work to clean thtml files for ___() and n___()
      • Need to put SUMO on sm-cms01

To do