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Date, Time, Location

2PM Pacific

In PBJ and on VIDYO.

Beer Consumed

tofumatt: Propeller Pumpkin Ale Fred: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA


The limit is 5 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Presenter Topic Media More Details Beer
groovecoder & BuddyL humans.txt https://developer.mozilla.org/humans.txt code: http://bit.ly/qppTWj http://humanstxt.org/ Homebrew Saison
jlongster OMGBUGS! http://jlongster:8001/ node.js powered Bugzilla interface
mkelly JS libraries to make life easier https://github.com/Osmose/charas-playdoh/blob/resources/media/js/resources.js Just a few convenient JS libraries I've been playing with: ICanHaz.js, Crossroads, Hasher
potch Taming the beast: JS restructuring in AMO's statistics pages Getting code this complicated ready for shipping was hard. I'm nearly there, and I want to show people some ways I found to make the code cleaner and easier to maintain.
marlenac A selenium test for paypal Demoing a selenium test for paypal and highlighting some testability challenges.
morgamic Honeybadger and friends Totally in idea form and very spongy. The feature we've known and loved all our lives but never met.
lorchard django-badger http://badger.decafbad.com/en-US/ Quick show & tell of django-badger and django-badger-multiplayer