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Come on down and show us what you've been working on lately!



The limit is 5 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Presenter Topic Media (links) More Details Beer
Simon Wex & Robert Richter Introducing Appmaker - Make an app just for you. http://appmaker.mozillalabs.com/ We're in an early prototype phase of building an app authoring environment for the masses. What could it mean if app creation was fun and game-like?
Michael Kelly diecast - Grunt-init template for single-page frontend projects. https://github.com/Osmose/diecast Pepsi One
Brian J Brennan nodeschool.io – soon-to-be community of learning around node.js http://nodeschool.io, http://github.com/nodeschool Node tutorials based on `workshopper`, a framework for making terminal tutorials! We are still building out the site, but we are planning on having accounts (with persona) and badges (with openbadges) Dunno yet
Scott Michaud Software Rendering Engine (GPU-accelerated) (Nothing Yet) DirectX and OpenGL are the APIs which 3D (and many 2D) games are programmed in. Fast, due to hardware acceleration and decades of optimization, but with many big unspoken downsides. Software rendering engines were actually more pleasant... time for an OpenCL revisit? Half of a Coca-Cola
Scott Michaud
(pt. 2)
Top-Secret Web App (Nothing Yet) Epic top secret web app. See you at Summit 2013 Toronto!
P.S.: No online requirements, it can run completely on the FILE: protocol.
... Other Half
Will Kahn-Greene (In absentia) Dennis is growing a vital dubstep translator (Preview) SUMO in dubstep The most important thing to l10n test/dev toolage since ever. BWWWWAAAaaaa
Basta CSS github.com/mattbasta/crass The best CSS minifier(s)
Basta Panopticonurl during demo The hottest new thing to do when you're bored and naked on a saturday night
jlongster nunjucks docs http://jlongster.com:7890/ just a quick preview of the upcoming docs site for nunjucks... so painfully slowly coming along
mythmon BATCH https://rawgithub.com/mythmon/batch/master/batch.html Super simple programming game. Trout Slayer White Ale