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Once a month web developers across the Mozilla community get together (in person and virtually) to share what side projects or cool stuff we've been working on. Generally this means things that aren't a direct work project; those can go in the monthly Webdev Meetings.



The limit is 5 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation. Time limits are flexible depending on the amount of stuff being presented.

If you are presenting, make sure to connect via Vidyo (or using the public join link above)!

Presenter Topic Media (links) More Details Beer
Mythmon GMR.js https://github.com/TinyMultiplayerBot/gmrjs Client for playing Civilization "by mail". http://multiplayerrobot.com/ Oops. I forgot.
Bramwelt PewPew https://github.com/bramwelt/pewpew/ pewpewpew Tiger
CVAN honeyishrunktheurl https://github.com/cvan/honeyishrunktheurl-go, https://github.com/cvan/honeyishrunktheurl-html url shrinking OJ and water? Maybe? What has become of us?
CVAN flexbox-sort http://cvan.io/flexbox-sort/, https://github.com/cvan/flexbox-sort/, http://blog.cvan.io/2014-04-08-flexsort-using-flexbox-to-sort-search-results.html using flexbox to sort lists and tables see above
Lonnen Alonzo, round II https://github.com/lonnen/alonzo/ A scheme written in Haskell Coffee
peterbe django-html-validator https://github.com/peterbe/django-html-validator HTML5 validation in Django air