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Webdev Meeting
Date: February 4th, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM Pacific
How to Join
Teleconferencing: Room 9 798
IRC: #webdev on irc.mozilla.org
Etherpad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/webdev-2014-02-04
Note-taker: mkelly

Webdev Extravaganzas are open to the public and serve as a gathering point for anyone in the Mozilla community who is interested in web development and what Mozilla has been doing in it.

There is a recording of the meeting available.

Shipping Celebration

What did we ship this month? Alternatively, what didn't we ship to spare the world the horror?

Open-Source Citizenship

Any updates with our libraries or with libraries we use? Anyone looking for help with a library they maintain?

New Hires / Interns / Volunteers

Anyone new that we want to induct into the secret order?

  • (fill me in!)

The Bikeshed / Roundtable

Anything else to talk about?

  • (erik/mythmon) We invented the re-leveling stream graph, which fixes the one disadvantage of the stream graph: the ability to tell when an individual slice is rising or falling. source
  • (pmac) Discuss Playdoh and deployment future. Who is doing what that we could all benefit from.
  • (potch) Use Promises! Use Promises/A+! Use ES6 Promises today! https://github.com/jakearchibald/ES6-Promises