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What is a Champion?

A champion is someone on the team who is identified as the point person for something that affects the team. This can be a particular aspect of our work, like dealing with contributors, or a team that we interact with, like security and l10n.

A champion should, on average, spend around 5%-10% of their time a week working in the area. This may vary; for example, a security champion might spend some extra time when there's a new Django security release to make sure all of our sites are up-to-date.

What does a Champion do?

  • File bugs with our projects related to their area.
    • Example: Security champion filing bugs to update libraries.
  • Keep the team up-to-date with important things happening in the teams for their area.
    • Example: Contributing champion emailing webprod about news from the weekly volunteer meeting.
  • Proactively find areas where we can improve, and push for those improvements.
    • Example: L10n champion suggesting and working on a library to help with localizing database data.

What areas should we have Champions in?

An area should have a champion if:

  • There isn't anyone on the team whose job description focuses on this area. If we have a UX person on the team, there's no need for a UX champion.
  • There is ongoing work that can be done in the area that will help the team, such as working on guidelines or standards, developing libraries, or maintaining our projects in that area.

Current Champions


Focuses on making our sites accessible to all people, regardless of disability or impairment.

Current Champion: Isac Lagerblad <icaaq>


Focuses on how we localize our sites, including the tooling, technology, and process.

Current Champion: Giorgos Logiotatidis <giorgos>


Focuses on making it easier to contribute to our projects, improving communication with volunteers, and recognizing the effort of all contributors. Interacts with the greater Grow Mozilla initiatives.

Current Champion: Ben Sternthal <bensternthal>


Mirrors the existing Security Champion role. Acts as the voice for security on a team, ensures we stay up-to-date with security releases for our libraries and makes sure we keep building secure sites.

Current Champion: Josh Mize <jgmize>

Quality Assurance

Improves our tooling around testing, helps introduce new methods of testing and enforce better-quality testing across our sites. Interacts with the Web QA team to make sure we're confident in our work.

Current Champion: Josh Mize <jgmize>