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Expanding upon: Contribute/Webdev#Conversion_Points

  1. Ready to contribute:
    • Person has found a task and communicated interest.
    • Person has any project pre-reqs completed.
    • Person understands the complete flow of work, from task initiation through completion.
  2. First contribution: contributor has submitted first contribution successfully
  3. Active contributor: contributor is making regular and/or high-impact contributions
    • Person can take bugs in bugzilla. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/page.cgi?id=get_permissions.html
    • Person is granted an account on kanbanery - How we grant users this privilege is up for debate. I like having contributors request this and we grant it based on some criteria (like bugzilla).
    • Invited to be a project guide.
  4. Privileged contributor: contributor, through regular, on-going activity, has earned sufficient trust and can now contribute via privileged activities (e.g. approving pull requests)
    • Invited to meetings.
    • Allowed to merge pull requests (within their knowledge domain).
    • Can take critical path tasks.