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This is a draft post for a position in the Web Production team. This position will be posted at http://mozilla.org/careers when given the go-ahead.

Web Product Engineer

Mozilla is a global organization that exists for one purpose: to make the web better. The Web Production team is responsible for overseeing the development of Mozilla's web products, which include dynamic scalable websites, APIs and static web pages. A single Mozilla web product could serve hundreds of millions of page views or transactions per month.

The Mozilla Web Production team is hiring a Web Product Engineer (WPE) to manage web development projects from concept to delivery. A WPE has a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful web site and serves as a guide to both technical and non-technical teams throughout the lifetime of a project.

This role is dynamic, and requires a special set of skills:

  • Big picture. WPEs keep the big picture in mind. They ensure goals and objectives are identified and understood. They provide vision and insight to make sure teams understand why the project is important.
  • Technical excellence. WPEs have a technical background which helps them form imaginative solutions to problems. They are good at estimating time to complete tasks, but know when to rely on engineers for estimates. They are software veterans.
  • Communication. Ability to listen well, processing complex or diffuse feedback and arriving at sound, concise conclusions. They eliminate clutter from the back-and-forth between multiple teams. Exceptional ability to speak and write both politely and clearly.
  • Pragmatism. A successful WPE balances scope, cost, schedule and quality. They help teams and product owners base decisions on facts, arriving at healthy compromises between competing priorities and interests.
  • No surprises. Process and predictability make projects run smoothly. A WPE documents processes and works with other teams like quality assurance, localization, infrastructure, legal and security to work together to make projects successful, sustainable and efficient.
  • Follow-through. Measuring success and improving process are important for any project. A WPE ensures success is measured and quantifiable and that all teams learn from the project in order to keep improving process over time. They will lead project retrospectives and implement changes necessary to improve development processes.

Specific experience desired:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • Experience working across multiple teams to deliver a product
  • Clear understanding of different software development methodologies
  • Intermediate to Advanced experience in various web development genres, e.g. back-end and front-end development, server and database support, testing, etc.
  • Intermediate to Advanced experience in testing and deployment strategies, e.g. continuous integration, automated testing, staging and dark launches
  • Experience in 1 or more project management methodologies
  • Familiarity with user experience and usability concepts
  • Impeccable communication skills