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Open Items

  • Next on-site? April?
  • Webdev blog redesign
  • we should add __ NOTOC __ to this page because I'm scared of the fold





  • SAMO - mostly search... a lot of tests... some fail...
  • Making Fixtures easier to extract.
  • jbalogh confirmed that this happened:


  • ffffuuuu.jpg


4360651809_bab7a668d8.jpg failed Moses reenactment


  • SUMO 1.5.2 is nearly done already. 1.5.1 is still in blocking hell.
  • SUMO 2.x planning.
  • Porting SUMO's search engine to Django.
    • Sharing a lot of code with AMO, thanks Jeff!
  • Set up brown bag today with Spark.
  • My favorite photos come from the Hubble.



  • Continuing to work on SUMO 2.0 planning:
  • Still waiting on 1.5.1, which is now going to incorporate the EU ballot needed changes as the deadline for that has been moved back. Should push Thursday.
  • A bunch of 1.5.2 stuff (focus on mobile.sumo)
  • Participated in the mobile postmortem
  • Java volunteers needed!  :D
  • I see morgamic's photo and raise you one Hoff: best photo ever



  • working on stats for zamboni
    • aggregations are interesting when dealing with serialized data
    • ipython is my new BFF thanks to %edit
  • it's hard to pick a favorite pic, but here is a recent favorite memory


  • Lots of interviews last week (more than normal - 16).
  • PFS updates for Flash, AUS reviews
  • Blocklist stuff for virus add-ons (need to do an audit this week too)
  • I just can't get over this photo for the life of me.



  • Largely overhead/firedrill in last two weeks
  • Fixed production issue for Electrolysis
    • Challenging two weeks with IT and Metrics
  • Debugged data issue with ADU/Crash Numbers report
  • Got Hbase/Hadoop work staged, wrote a patch for bug 538206
  • Excited lars is back
  • Code review for SUMO




Not around for the meeting today, but here's my update:

  • staged Bouncer/Tuxedo. If you have a Bouncer account, you can log in and check it out.
  • Ported user profiles to Zamboni, though not sure how to access them on preview(?)
  • Made a little Wordpress site for Legal's MPL Revision
  • Went to FOSDEM in Brussels
    • blogged about Hackability
    • got another post about non-relational DBs in web apps almost ready
      • Sourceforge uses MongoDB in production, maybe we should pay them a visit sometime and have them tell us about their experiences?


  • Back for more AMO. Code freeze will be this week
  • L10n, as usual, is troublesome
  • I made some pretty awesome sushi yesterday but haven't pulled the pictures off the camera