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Open Items

  • Q1 in review
    • Transition, Agility, Balance (morgamic monologue)
    • How do you think we did?
  • Q2 goals
    • Tweet when we push something live
    • Tweet when we write a new blog post
  • On-site stuff



  • Mozilla.com
    • Mobile pages - thanks sgarrity
    • Selenium tests, now running python
      • Trying to find a way to automate tests for Javascript User Agent detection code. Selenium 2 (alpha) might be an option
    • A/B tests - thanks wenzel, bcutler, and sgarrity
      • ie.html perf bug 555235 - after 1 day, we're seeing a 14% improvement in download conversions at 99.999% confidence. With conservative estimates, that's about 1 millions downloads a week
      • Blake just reported that number is up to 30% currently, ~70 million downloads a year
      • Other tests have finished and results are being processed. One result showed that less pieces of flair meant more downloads.
    • Information Architecture review (via Happy Cog) is coming up soon.
    • Lots of odds and ends: legal copy, Webtrends migration, broken download buttons, etc etc
  • mozilla.org l10n
  • Moved to Portland! woo woo
    • working from some shared office space with skeen, dietrich, and others
  • Favorite appetizer: crab cakes


  • AMO + Personas
  • Early L10n Portal work (IA)
  • Lorentz promo? [1]
  • Nothing like some good bruschetta.


  • Used this to figure out what the top issues with Firefox are...
  • zAMO API is out...
  • zAMO Search is in progress
  • Favorite App: Chicken Wings



  • Trying to get http://support-stage-new.mozilla.com running Kitsune. Hopefully making progress.
  • Working on a small number of particularly nasty bugs.
  • Worked out a rough development schedule for SUMO in Q2.
  • Next up is pushing (finally) SUMO 1.5.3 tomorrow and focusing on polish work for Kitsune.
  • I hate to pigeonhole it as an appetizer, but fresh calamari rings.


  • I tore everything apart in Silver Lining and am just now getting it back together, with tests and stuff.
  • Will be working on doing CI-testable deployments of some Mozilla codebases using Silver Lining, along with some other sample code bases.
  • Also multi-server deployments.
  • Anything with goat cheese in it is both tasty, and somehow makes me feel sophisticated while eating it.


  • lots of Socorro 1.6 stuff
    • realized that one data upgrade may take 24 hours
  • working on Metrics goal of a Socorro Processor/Monitor system that uses 100% hbase
    • trying to not leave non-Mozilla uses of Socorro behind
  • appetizer: lutefisk


  • Started life on Socorro, read tons of docs, talked to people, installed everything
  • Closed first bug! bug 554970
  • Reviewed patches (bug 543605, bug 546009)
  • Came up with a more formal dev process Socorro:DevProcess
  • Worked with stephend to come up with a test plan Test Plan just for the webapp at the moment
  • Currently bug 555729
  • Planning 1.6 and points beyond
  • Appetizer? Saganaki


  • Getting over a cold / plague
  • Spent way too long building a BYOB bookmark customization UI with jQuery for bug 538888
    • On BYOB staging now, create a browser and switch to the Bookmarks tab.
    • It took 8 solid days including a weekend and much headdesking.
    • Thinking about blogging it to get input on where I might've gone ashtray, because I expected it to take a screenful or so of code. (Instead, it took close to 1k LoC.)
  • Returning to Plugins:PluginDirectory to address security bugs and improvements.
  • I <3 spinach & artichoke dip with plentiful hot sauce and tortilla chips



  • Recruiting; interviews for MoFo and webdev. Lots of good leads.
  • Meetings; goals meetings last week (about 7 hour worth). Speaking with other groups about Q2.
  • Blocklist stuff.
  • Working on a draft blog for web conservation. It still sucks, but hopefully for not much longer.


  • SUMO Forum UX meetings, wireframe iteratin' [2]
  • BYOB bookmark manager mockup, planning, home page wireframin'
  • I like me some edamame


  • SXSW
    • Recovered from SXSW Sars
  • Minor Socorro work
  • minor PFS plugin check work and project management tasks
  • Appetizer: Pan Con Tomate


  • kitsune work, learned a lot
  • spent a day or so dealing with character character encoding issues
  • got tons of help from james, dave and jeff
  • Appetizer: fried calamari


  • Chipping away at Cesium
  • Personas
    • Updating review guidelines with legal
    • Adding documentation to SUMO
    • Working with the awesome Chowse on mockups
    • 2.6 release Weds or Thurs.
    • Attempting to solve our 7k unreviewed personas problem
  • Guacamole


  • Working on Zamboni Personas stuff
  • getting ready for Bouncer deployment on Thursday
  • helped out with Firefox download page performance test
  • Friday and Monday holidays (Good ~ and Easter ~, resp.)
  • favorite appetizer: Chicken Wings. Or Nachos. Or Olives. Let me summarize this to "I like food".


  • AMO 5.8(.1) is out
    • some URLs are live
  • AMO 5.9: 49 open bugs, 30 closed
  • Q2 planning; AMO Migration Progress
  • interviews
  • AMO now has application logging
  • wrote a library to flush objects from Zeus
  • from the NotAllTalk department, made a webdev VM last night. lorchard (and whoever else was in #webdev this morning) is checking it out
  • I made inari a few weeks ago which is a great appetizer