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This document describes the proposed process for code and release.

Code changes

  • Each code change shall be associated with a bug
  • Code changes shall be submitted as patches to the appropriate bug
  • Patches should be reviewed
  • When committing an r+ed patch, document the bug number you are addressing in the commit message
  • Aim for one commit per bug
  • Add the revision number of your commit to the relevant bug
  • Mark bugs that are fixed in trunk RESOLVED FIXED
  • QA will mark them RESOLVED VERIFIED after testing

Code freeze

  • Code freeze shall be announced by email when all bugs for the current release have been submitted
  • Code shall then be staged, QAed, and tested. (Note WebUI code is staged continuously and is available for QA after commit.)
  • Until QA is used to testing Socorro, a friendly "Please test Socorro" email sent to "" with the appropriate milestone would be greatly appreciated; we'll take it from there, and run our BFT
  • After QA approval, a release shall be tagged from trunk.
  • Tags shall reside in the tags/ subversion directory. Suggested naming convention is release_svnversion_datetagged, for example, 1.6_r1900_20100329
  • Once the code is tagged, an email shall be sent announcing the tree is open again.

Release process

  • An IT bug shall be filed (a week before), referencing the tag and any instructions.
  • These instructions currently reside as incremental changes at SocorroUpgrade and from a fresh checkout perspective at Backend Install Frontend Install
  • Developers with major bugs or new features should be present during the push window, if at all possible.

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