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Open Items



  • Validator
    • Unit tests
    • Code coverage
    • L10n testing
    • Testing markup
    • Refactoring
  • Cartoon movie
    • The Lion King


  • FirefoxCup
    • done, last fixes launching tonight
  • Email campaigns (Basket)
    • updates for admin panel and Firefox Home project
  • Mozilla.com
    • page performance
    • code reviews
    • prep for redesign
  • Cartoon movie
    • ummmmm, no idea, but PIXAR usually rocks


  • SUMO redesign (KB, forum, chat)
  • L10n site
  • Marketing (beta, SFx, Fx4)
  • Socorro (2.0)
  • AMO (devtools, Marketplace)
  • <3 Iron Giant


  • Back from Paternity leave
  • Working from home a lot
  • AMO and celery, and other zamboni things
  • Anything from PIXAR


  • Loading the Mozilla & Django worlds into my head
  • Wrote a pinning multi-database router which gets around several write-related race conditions in SUMO. This removes the need for interstitial meta-refresh pages after posting and fixes bugs of the sort that scuttled the 2.2 push.
  • Working on Questions app: editing & tagging questions.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas


  • Dropped amo's db load in half through the POWER OF INDEXES
    • Plus some smarter queries, but mostly indexes
    • 5,000 memcached hits per second
  • About to hit build 1,000 on Hudson and we have 500 tests
  • zamboni is serving homepage, /extensions, /personas, /themes, add-on detail pages
    • These urls formerly known as /browse/type:\d/cat:UGLY


  • Working on Live Chat; everything is going as planned.
  • Apparently, I'll be doing a lightning talk at the Summit on Node.js and asynchronicity.
    • What will I specifically be talking about? TBD.
  • Wall-E


  • Patching up SUMO 2.1 and ready-to-ship tomorrow.
  • Organizing the team around 2.2 priorities.
  • Working out 2.3 details.
  • Pushed Firefox Home updates last week.
  • Favorite cartoon movie: Akira


  • Wrote a library webtestrecorder to help myself test or experiment on the acceptance-testing level.
  • Rigging up a database query profiler and rerunning realistic request levels on Zamboni.
  • Lots of politics about pip and installers and distutils and Python and the standard library. No fun.
  • I'm rewatching Spirited Away with my nephews. It makes more sense to them than I would have expected.


  • researched a production Socorro 1.6.3 problem
    • processor goes rogue with "Error 24 - too many open files"
    • error makes no sense as every file opening is protected with try/finally
    • opted not to fix because of pending 1.7 release that eliminates files
  • pushed out Socorro 1.7
    • pushed extensive changes that replaced NFS storage with HBase
    • watched helplessly as HBase/Hadoop issues embarrassed the project
  • simultaneously with the 1.7 push, Socorro was accused of under/over reporting FF 3.6.4 crashes in a 6-7 surge
    • hours & hours & hours trying to defend Socorro
    • studied code until I was dizzy
    • studied it again until I was comatose
  • pushing hard on Socorro 1.8
    • 1st working map/reduce processor daemon last night
    • now combing the code for efficiency
    • wondering why duck typing doesn't work with the json module
  • favorite animated movie: The Triplets of Belleville


  • Shipped Socorro 1.7
  • Investigated and resolved Firefox 3.6.4 apparent crash spike (this took most of the last two weeks)
    • Summary: git locks on config files are evil.
    • When collectors were set to throttle 100% of 3.6.4 crashes, config change only synced to 1/3. The other two throttled 3.6.4 at 15%.
    • When change finally reached other two (on next config change on 6/7), saw apparent spike.
    • Checked everything from code, infra, malware, sunspots...
  • About to ship Socorro 1.7.1 (fix representation of hangs)
  • Saw a bunch of HBase stability issues, mostly resolved.
  • Submitted a breakout session to the Summit about the Socorro PRD
  • PostCrash appears to be on for Q3
  • Cartoon: Smurfs and the Magic Flute. I lined up for two hours to see it when I was five. If we broaden it to animation then Coraline.


  • Getting BYOB ready for end-of-quarter release
  • Working on writing a case study about developing a BYOB feature for blog-fodder.
    • Like the feature itself, this has taken longer and gotten bigger than I planned.
  • Speaking of the Webdev blog, I filed a bug about broken permalinks: bug 573766
    • (Seems fixed now, but wondering what happened.)
  • Favorite cartoon movie:
      • "One shall stand, one shall fall."
      • ps: screw you, Michael Bay
      • pps: I <3 Stan Bush
      • ppps: I once cheated on a word-scramble contest for the movie, having written a program in BASIC on my C64 to come up with "Unicron" as the name of the big bad.


Working on:

  • FF4 Mozilla.com/AMO/SUMO redesign.
    • Coordinating between third-party design agency and Mozilla to deliver wireframes and specs, create project plan.
    • Implementation will begin July 30 (when initial design comps and PSDs due).
  • Project Initiation Form
    • To give Web Dev a heads-up on new projects and get the team participating in the initiation phase.
    • Project owners will submit form, automatically generating a bugzilla ticket
    • Web dev can then flag anything risky or unrealistic, and help with requirements
    • bug#571125
  • Q3 planning
    • Working with Marketing (excuse me, Engagement) and other groups across Mozilla to help prioritize Q3 goals and identify Web Dev dependencies
  • Still waiting for Thundercats, the Movie.


  • Sheriff app
    • Finishing touches on the UI
    • Getting it staged by IT; see bug 572780
  • next up, Summit stuff
    • public phonebook; see bug 571881
    • crazy awesome visualizations with HTML5 goodness; current ideas (feel free to put in your own!):
      • summit tweet treemap, à la Vancouver Olympics
      • network graph / merge trees of mozilla-central and Webdev projects on Github, similar to this and this
      • the existing Bugstream can be further retooled
  • fixing Clapclap since building management changed their voice prompt :(
  • Paprika; don't say Inception did it first



  • Fx 3.6.4 spike research support
  • Socorro 1.7.1
  • Socorro 1.8 Learning nagios and cacti
  • 2 PFS data bugs
  • Waking Life is my favorite cartoon movie



  • Fixing bugs and working on performance optimization for Drupal version of drumbeat.org
    • Turned several 6 second queries into < .5 second queries.
  • Making roadmap for shiny new version (porting to Django)
  • Experimenting with severing CiviCRM and Drupal in drumbeat.org, evaluating if CiviCRM will meet our ongoing engagement needs.
  • Favourite Cartoon Movie: Venture Brothers (I know, it's a show, but they should make a movie).


  • Stats pages woooooooo
  • Working on Asteroids and Labyrinth toys for Summit
  • Gonna blog it out
  • Aladdin is the best


  • Working on Questions (SUMO 2.2)
    • Completed and merged questions and answers templates
    • Implemented Ask a Question and hoping to merge today
    • Now implementing Reply to Question (a.k.a. Answer)
  • Toy Story



  • amo bugs
    • hoping i did more good than harm
  • WorkerMgmt App
    • Successfully deployed to stage
    • Finishing its port from Kohana2.x to 3.0.6
  • Starting Requirements on WebDev Project workflow
  • Few SFX bugs
  • Spirited Away



  • We've been updating AMO like mad, 3rd push in as many weeks tonight.
  • Lots of new URLs are being served by python. Our db load is at the lowest it's been in forever and we can run AMO on half the cluster with no troubles. AMO team == rockin'
  • If you or someone you know is looking to contribute, I've got bugs. drop me a line.
  • I've been doing technical evaluations of some CC processing companies. Here be dragons.
  • I'll have to go with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? So classic.