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Open Items



  • Validator works happy-like
  • Working to improve code coverage and build new tests
  • Working to fix bugs and normalize validator features
  • Working to add JS tests (ewwww)


  • Blackhat / Defcon
  • Preparing for new email vendor
  • Mozilla.com, so much to do
  • Firefox Home L10n
  • Goldeneye



Pretend this is markdown:

  • Firefox Input
 * ATOM feeds
 * Hudson
 * Fine tuning our clusters -> people love app tabs
  • AMO
 * Electric Bandwagon (collections)
 * Collaborating with Potch to make my commits prettier
 * Resizing and cropping images
  • Intern (cvan)
 * Helping him deal with deployment, git, django admin, etc.
  • Dr. Mario -> I'll challenge anyone.


  • Auto-tagging of support questions based on various metadata
  • Suggesting duplicate or related questions based on fulltext search.
  • Chased down all the bad migrations we've been writing/failing to write. Got the staging DB into a good state. Moral: Django doesn't magically do anything to the DB (make permissions, content types, or anything else) if you don't run syncdb.
  • Many minor fixes toward the first release of the Support Questions app
  • Quake 3: map q3dm17, over and over and over and...


  • Lots of AMO bugs, but it's never enough
  • Pushing add-on reviews to zamboni, our first page with user interaction
  • Using redis for cache-machine
  • My talk was accepted for DjangoCon
  • GoldenEye



  • Polishing up SUMO 2.2.
  • Working with Labs.
  • Was in Brooklyn signing a lease, sorry I missed the meeting.
  • Oh man, favorite game? That's really hard. Let's go GoldenEye.


  • Converted graphs.mozilla.org to Silver Lining
  • Setting up infrastructure for that application
    • Automating deployment and configuration of Hudson (towards continuous deployment)
      • Hudson is being a pain to automate
    • I want to automate pieces as I go along
  • pip 0.8
  • Way too much Civ 2


  • Socorro 1.8
    • mod-wsgi collector
    • switched to syslog from filelogging
    • hbbase to postgresql feeder
    • sacrificed soul for more coding time
  • Video game in 1990s
    • I've not played a video game since 1987
    • I'm old
    • get off my lawn




  • Fx4 redesign - design and IA phase.
  • Coordinating plan to merge moz.com and moz.org
  • Web dev project initiation form is live -- any thoughts, questions, concerns so far?
  • Participation projects planning
  • Engagement email implementation
  • Keeping Web dev radar current and other housekeeping
  • Upcoming: HTML5 Games site
  • Fave video game of the '90s: Tetris on Gameboy


  • thanks to buchanan and fox2mike, the sheriff duty app is now running on SSL
  • getting both phonebook and sheriff duty app to be security reviewed
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3


  • blackhat
  • hiring mojo
  • fielding post-summit frenzy
  • counterstrike! Street Fighter II!


Many a 1990s hour spent playing GoldenEye 007 for N64 deathmatch


  • SUMO 2.2 -- support questions
    • making usernames and emails unique in Tiki
    • migrating content from old to new
    • uploading images with really nice UX (thanks to chowse!)

One of my favorite '90s games: Supaplex


  • Batucada (New Drumbeat) Updates
    • Have a basic social infrastructure working (not very scalable, but punting on that for now).
    • Working on projects and beefing up user profiles this week.
    • Get setup on hudson.
    • Working with designer on some basic HTML / CSS templating.
  • Other Stuff
    • Planning integration with web based CRM. Need to do offline processing of events in site. Sounds like a job for an MQ.

Favourite game from the 90s: Virtua-Fighter


  • Reviews got did, collections are next
  • Stats pages what?
  • Working on 'project doozer' with the Labs team (and jsocol and r1cky)
  • Interviewing some Jason guy on Friday
  • working on a JS particle engine, because, hey, why not?
  • A Boy and his Blob; Monkey Island


  • Finishing up SUMO 2.2 (questions)
    • Flag content (spam, etc)
    • Moderator actions (edit/delete)
    • Filter by tag
    • Ask a Question workflow
    • IE6/7 fixes
  • SUMO-Dev Onsite next week!

Sonic the Hedgehog




  • drove robots around the office at night and gave the cleaning guy a heart attack
  • drank beer, ate sausages, sang songs
  • built volkswagens
  • wasn't at webdev meeting, got made fun of as a result
  • also:
    • Made Fx Input awesomer, held localizers' hands
    • Made MDN almost production-ready
    • Helped ozten be awesome about SSO


  • Organizing AMO stuff. See my email to amo-drivers for current status/goals
  • Doing an occasional AMO patch or review
  • Will be splitting up dev tools specs+mockups into bugs. Also figuring out how to integrate flightdeck.
  • Meeting with paypal & friends about marketplace
  • I'm in MV next week.
  • I'll go with Half-Life. It was a game changer at the time (ha).