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Open Items

Project Updates

  • AMO
    • Devhub is underway!
  • SUMO
    • 2.3 push today!
    • 2.4 push during the work week.
    • End of the year is the end of TikiWiki.
  • Socorro
    • going out tonight, add unicode support to email
    • Probably have to do another fast turnaround push Thursday for Jetpack crash support (these crashes don't process correctly)
    • 1.7.6 awaiting load test, push 12/9
      • Now with more wsgi, and collector local storage
    • Nearly ready to roll with puppet
    • Moving HBase boxes around: research->staging, staging->prod
    • PHX:
      • All hardware in place
      • Software install in progress
      • Old PG data has been archived and deleted (woot!)
    • Stability has been greatly improved
  • Input
    • 2.0 comes with fancy graphs, and faster everything!
    • next: 2.1 with idea submissions and UI improvements.
    • in progress: 3.0 with Firefox stable support.
  • mozilla.com
    • redesign is nearing the end of the development. check out the stage site
    • launching updates for mobile devices this week, including new mobile design and redirect from home page to mobile version for Android/Maemo devices
  • graphs.mozilla.org
    • working on getting changes staged



  • devhub tickets for 5.12.4 and 5
  • flightdeck attachment editing
  • stuffing and gravy


  • redesign: logistics for merge/launch
  • mobile: redirects and launching the new mobile design
  • email: Drumbeat registration form
  • stuffing



  • Input: Speed up themes, and reduce duplicates
  • AMO:
    • Mock Redis Client
    • Redis to track duplicate add-on names
    • ActivityLog for add-on authors
  • FlightDeck: Installed it, poking around.
  • Blog: http://bit.ly/h5sJL7 <-- how AMO does JS string formatting
  • NodeJS for demo site
  • Pecan Pie



  • Icon uploader
  • Media upload step in submit process
  • Other minor 5.12.4 bugs



  • mobile mozilla.com design & code
  • mobile sumo.com landing page design
  • mdn demo site & gallery stuff
  • more fx4 beta screenshots
  • after this year, mushroom galette is going to be a thanksgiving food for me


  • Pushing SUMO 2.3 out the door this afternoon--the biggest SUMO push of the year!
  • Working on SUMO 2.4--the end of the Tiki era.
  • Thinking about coming up with a clever naming scheme for SUMO releases.
  • SUMO Q1 scheduling.
  • Favorite Thanksgiving food: Candied yams.
  • How did I live before Fred's Copy ShortURL add-on?


  • AMO
    • built the full Add-on validation results screen
    • lots of devhub stuff for 5.12.*
  • Started hacking on a way to run QUnit tests in CI for JavaScript (based on TestSwarm) https://github.com/kumar303/jstestnet
  • My wife made a dish with broccoli rabe / lemon and it was amazing. I actually didn't know what broccoli rabe was before. It's sort of bitter in a nice way.


  • back porting more 1.8 features into the 1.7 line
    • mod-wsgi collector is resurrected!
  • adding support for 'jetpack' and 'content' crash types
  • Thanksgiving food:
    • delicata squash pie made so spicy that it's a 'hot' food


  • Getting my head around graph server and AUS
  • Working on all the stuff under Socorro, up there ^
    •,, 1.7.6
    • Many moving parts that need to be synchronized
    • Russian email/malware business
  • Will be in San Antonio on Thursday, giving my technical debt talk at USAA DevCon
    • I heard morgamic hates the Spurs.
  • Thanksgiving food: this year I ate spoon bread. It was awesome.



  • fx site redesign
  • red panda site launch this week
  • Add-ons cup site launch this week
  • Join Us contractor resourcing
  • SUMO and Moz.com mobile optimization coordination
  • MDN Demo room planning
  • roasted brussel sprouts


  • Hiring, interviews
  • Add-ons cup stuff
  • Org stuff
  • Stove top.


  • Trained kev on PluginCheck updates
  • Finished mod_auth_cas work
  • Working on some L10n issues on MDN
  • MDN ships Thursday

Thanksgiving Food: Savory Pears and Onions


  • 2.3 finale
  • again with migration fixes
  • but also some 2.4 users stuff
  • blog post later this week about migrating data
  • turkey + mashed potatoes + cranberry sauce + gravy sauce
  • bonus: dessert - blueberry and apple with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce


  • Working with designer on new UI for drumbeat.org
  • Hiring - Help me interview Front End Devs?
  • Hiring / Onboarding for P2PU SoW / Badges contract position
  • Various production prep tasks for drumbeat rewrite - Socketlabs, Nagios, Javascript minifying, etc
  • Setting up a staging environment for drumbeat on MoFo / Labs cluster.
  • Favourite Thanksgiving food - Tofurky, just cause it's so fun to say.


  • potts-vs-potch.jpg
  • Devhub
    • Starting to come together awesomely
  • AMO header Refresh wooooooo
  • Pennsylvania was pretty excellent
    • See above

nomg stuffing



  • SUMO 2.3
    • Polishing and bug fixing
  • SUMO 2.4
    • Created users app for user accounts, profiles, etc.
    • Implemented login (used Fred's Sha256Backend)
  • Pumpkin (or any other kind of) Pie


  • Email patch for Socorro; will ship 11/30
  • Backported numerous 1.8 bugs for 1.7.6; ready to ship 12/9
  • Input 2.1 in process
    • Suggestions on stage and being tested
  • Making progress on retiring/archiving websites


  • Working on Army of Awesome: Show replies and measure success.
  • Input 2.0 and 2.0.1 are live.
    • Next: Idea submissions (landed, yay!) and support for input from Firefox proper.
  • Deleting websites with Ryan
  • Favorite Thanksgiving food: Turkey and all the leftover sandwiches you can make from it.


  • BAMO is alive!
  • A few perf results are in PAMO
  • distributing/coordinating/fretting
  • Trying to get new dev tools launched in a couple weeks
  • probably the taters