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Open Table

  • Goals
    • Deployment and IT
      • deployment to staging is still an issue; need better documentation
      • SUMO deployments go well with oremj; don't go well without oremj
      • push-button releases, script it
  • Org changes

Project Updates

  • Add-ons
  • Support
  • Socorro
  • Input
  • MDN
  • Engagement

(YOU create this, so add more if you want to)

Random Nuggets

  • Don't forget to buy your travel if you haven't already!


  • AMO devhub changes and fixes.
  • Flightdeck, couple of minor fixes.
  • St Davids, Britain's smallest city - good surfing.


  • Mobile mozilla.com
  • Email migration
  • Firefox 4 Beta 7



  • Input
  • AMO
    • Activity tracker with flexible schema
  • Lots of interviews
  • Chicago, but I don't like winter so temperate San José is quite nice.


  • SUMO stuff
  • Interviews: Glen, Luke, Sean, James. Helped Dave and Jeff vet their interview questions.
  • Filed and patched a Django bug about the ignoring of the name attr on fields. When fixed, this will let us use descriptors to provide getters and setters in more cases.
  • Boxed MySQL soundly about the face and neck for not supporting functional defaults on datetime columns. (There's nothing you can do short of using triggers or resorting to a timestamp column, which has its own issues.)
  • Reported a really fun can't-make-a-new-window Firefox bug.
  • Solla Solew. “It is an Odyssey-tale told by a young narrator who experiences troubles in his life—mostly aggressive small animals which bite and sting.” somehow fails to capture the essence of the thing.



  • 3 million more zamboni hits per day with /downloads, averaging 10-20 ms response.
  • Brought back caching by id (sharing object instances in the cache) and the discovery pane got half a second faster
  • Add-ons can be uploaded to zamboni with the new dev tools
  • Portland is a nice place.


  • Graphics work for Fx4b7 pages
  • Fx4 Beta screenshots
  • Fx4 Demo site coordination & work week
  • Mobile mozilla.com mockups & research
  • New York City, from what I've seen of it


  • SUMO had a Test Day for our new KB (2.3) on Friday. It went well, thanks to everyone who helped!
  • 2.3 is feature complete as of Armistice Day (11/11).
  • Code completion in T-7 days.
  • Favorite city: New York (close second/not where I live: Paris)


  • AMO
    • Developer pages
      • Big one is the Add-on validator screen
      • small changes here and there, bug fixes
    • Started some ideas for adding a JavaScript test suite to AMO. Feel free to add yours.
  • I like Chicago. The winters are brutal but that's when everyone stays in and gets a ton of work done. Chicagoans emerge from winter with a lot of accomplishments. Also, it's the smallest big city in the world. You can easily get to know a lot of people really well in a small circle (this is both good and bad).


  • Socorro! Socorro! Socorro!
    • rewriting collector, coding around the hbase menace.
    • backporting 1.8 features into the 1.7 line
    • reworking unit tests in 1.7 to actually pass
    • favorite city: Missoula, MT
      • I just want to say that I work for Mozilla and live in Missoula.


  • Several minor Socorro releases shipped (1.7.5,,
  • 1.8 abandoned as a version number, but most non-architectural changes from it will ship as 1.7.6 after Thanksgiving
  • Planning and re-planning PHX move (re-planning due to hardware delays) - expected switchover date currently January 8
  • HBase stability greatly improved by restarting every two days
  • Running out of space on prod HBase
    • Adding stuff to SJC data center HBase cluster
    • Replication factor lowered
  • rhelmer and jabba have been doing great work on automated builds and deployment
  • 35 minute problem - ask me if you need a challenge
    • Mitigated by blocking grad student crawlers, but underlying problem still exists
  • Anyone who would like to write some tests for Socorro backend: come see me after
  • Also: job interviews!


  • Small bits of email migration stuffs
  • Helping out with some customizations on a fork of BYOB
  • webtrek: long weekend hacking on node.js + websockets + canvas
  • Favorite city
    • Pretty fond of Toronto, ON, CA; Ann Arbor, MI, US; and San Francisco, CA, US.
      • But, Toronto is pushed over the top by the availability of poutine and real-sugar ketchup


  • red panda site 11/30
  • college recruiting site
  • mobile add-ons cup site 11/22
  • air mozilla reskin December
  • jira research
  • redesign 12/08
  • finding agency for Join Us campaign
  • a little help coordinating demos, email, army of awesome, mobile friendly moz.com
  • favorite city: San Francisco, natch.



  • MDN shipped 0.9.1
  • MDN shipping 0.9.2 today
  • SSO for MDN
  • Fx4demo site planning/coordinating
  • Blog post

Favorite city - Lake Tahoe is pretty awesome


  • Video uploads, still using iframe, plan on switching to gkoberger's xhr approach someday, post-2.3
  • Thumbnail generation for ogv and flv files
  • Other media gallery things - deleting image/video, edit description.
  • More data migration stuff, mostly done.
  • Really excited about 2.3!!
  • Favorite city: Sibiu (it's in Transylvania :)



  • Been working on l10n stuff, crazy yet fancy
  • Playing with a canvas game engine concept
  • Thanks to kumar for fleshing out the js testing stuff
  • in PA for a wedding/thanksgiving
  • devhub what
  • tossup between Dinkelsbuhl, Germany and Leysin, Switzerland (more towns than cities, but meh)



  • SUMO 2.3
    • Fixing lots of bugs
    • Polishing UI
  • Favorite city: NYC


  • Buttoned up and pushed Socorro 1.7.5
  • Will begin backporting a good portion of the code written for Socorro 1.8 into trunk
  • Implementing an Idea box for Input, to be released in 2.1
  • Finishing the archival of mozillaservice.org this week
  • Favorite City: Praha / Prague