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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png webmaker.org/teach roadmap
Owner: Mentor Team Updated: 2013-09-11
This is a roadmap for what we're building at webmaker.org/teach. The overall Mentor Community roadmap is here


Aug 15

New and improved teaching kit templates. Plus easy ways for community to make and share their own.

  • Improved teaching kit templates. COMPLETE. Style guide w. improved graphic design.

Better contribution workflow. Make it easy for mentors to share their own content on /teach.

  • Curation for /teach. COMPLETE. We now have the ability to easily add and curate what's on /teach.

Aug 22

Tell the overall story better for first-timers.

  • Identify quick wins on the rest of /teach. Especially the "what the hell is this?" factor. Update copy, Calls to Action, path to earn Mentor badge, etc. Replicate Bacon Stack in the layout of the page.

Aug 30

Better content

  • Updating our "marquee" guides. Document what our 10 best kits are. Polish them up with improved copy + design.
    • STATUS: YELLOW. We've identified what the best kits are. Kit template is complete, waiting for activity template. Copy is being addressed.
  • Showcasing partners. e.g., NWP. Make sure we're showing off great partner teaching content.
    • STATUS: GREEN. 3 Kits are from NWP, Chloe is working for Aug. 1st deadline with Good.is, community mentor makes represent other partners.
  • Get older makes and projects added. Laura works with Fuzzy Fox to get old content republished based on priority.
    • STATUS: GREEN. All Learning Projects will be transfered, tagged and thumbnailed by July 19th.
  • Curation and featuring. Work out clear process for curation and featuring.
    • STATUS: RED. Feels like we still don't have clear documentation for how curation, recommending and featuring actually work. Waiting on Production Schedule/Processes from Kat. Laura has a weekly now about this. Will update.

September 1

Data and user testing. Test what we've built. Optimize.

  • Data. Metrics. Understand how mentors are using the new site.
  • User testing. What's working? What's confusing? Identify UX challenges and fix.
  • On-ramps. Where is the traffic coming from? How do we create stronger ties to high-traffic mozilla.org pages? Should we create new ones? (like mozilla.org/teach or mozilla.org/education?)

October 1

Ready for the Mozilla Festival. Use MozFest as a massive teaching kit sprint.

  • What new site functionality do we want to have completed by the Mozilla Festival?
  • How do we use it to capture the Festival as great teaching kits? seeing MozFest as a way to bottle and spread MozFest energy to classrooms and learning spaces everywhere?
  • What are our other key Mentor Team goals for MozFest? How can the web site help?


Overall Goals and Context

TLDR What are we going to do next with webmaker.org/teach?

  • Ship great new teaching kit templates. With new and improved graphic design. Drawing on our new Webmaker.org style guide.
  • Polish up our best teaching kit content. Focus on our "top 10" teaching kits. Brush up content strategy, copy and design for that small number of "cream of the crop" kits.
  • Make sure Maker Party and Partner content really shine. Look for quick wins here. Maker Party is the urgent priority -- how do we focus our work there?


  • Better links for staying in touch and getting more involved.
  • And then: better contribution workflow. We're blocked on some technical issues here. So let's sprint on the stuff above, cuz its under our control. But better contribution and curation is the next urgent priority.

Key Goals

short term:

  • provide great baseline content.
  • keep #teachtheweb MOOC momentum rolling. Make sure those folks stick around and don't dissipate.
  • support Maker Party partners and mentors. Mentors and event organizers are at the heart of Maker Party.

medium term:

  • align with the Web Literacy Standard and badges. Let's build *one* great educational product on Webmaker.org. Tying these pieces together.
  • get ready for MozFest. see MozFest as another giant potential teaching kit sprint. improve the funnel, so that we can pour a ton of great new content in. Make this process *easy,* immediate and *self-serve*, so we can focus on capturing the next great innovations at MozFest.

longer term:

  • streamline metrics and mentor comms infrastructure. Mentors: we need easy ways to a) count 'em and b) communicate with 'em. Right now we have a diverse mix of channels, which is natural -- but how do we collect more actionable data and streamlined comms going forward?

Webmaker Teach product.005.jpg

What are we building?

5 key pieces. We can think of webmaker.org/teach as a product with five key elements:

  • 1) Recommended Teaching Kits. Outstanding teaching kits, educational resources and HOWTOs for teaching the web. This is the "cream of the crop" content. Some teaching kits are better than others -- let's ensure the best content is front and center.
  • 2) Templates for making your own. Easy ways to make and share your own teaching kits.
  • 3) Community-generated content. A searchable / filterable gallery of community-generated teaching kits. The number of these is going to increase exponentially -- so we need solid curation, tagging and search.


  • 4) Easy ways to stay in touch and get more involved. Especially for people to earn their Webmaker Mentor badge. We need webmaker.org/teach to provide "one stop shopping" and be *the* on-ramp for anyone who wants to teach the web -- which means we need to un-bury things Mentors are looking for and use language they understand. (the current /teach page misses some of this.)
  • 5) Data. Metrics. So we can optimize and steer. (e.g., which kits are most popular? where is the traffic coming from? What skills or competencies are people asking us to create resources for?)

plus coming soon:

  • 6) Web Literacy Standard + badges. Align with the standard. Use badges as a way of recognizing quality of guides and that Mozillians have vouched for them.

What are we going to focus on first?

For the weeks of July 8, 15 and 22 we're focusing on (1) and (2) above. Why?

  • Because they're already in active use. And can help tie into Maker Party fast.
  • Because we're blocked on 3. But expect to have that cleared soon.
  • Because 2 makes both 1 and 3 better.



July 15

Document our roadmap from now to MozFest.


  • Publish a roadmap. Add links to key tickets. Blog about it.
    • STATUS: 75% COMPLETE. Roadmap complete. Still need to blog about it and communicate it better. TO DO: Matt to publish blog post.
  • File tickets. Add new tickets as needed.
  • Collaborate on the Webmaker.org Style Guide. Including revamped design for teaching kits.
  • Clarify our nomenclature. Reduce confusion around "Teaching Guides" vs. "Hacking Guides" vs. "Teaching Kits" etc.
    • STATUS: COMPLETE. They're now called "Teaching Kits." "Teaching Kits" contain "Activities".
  • Simplify our taxonomy. Too many tags and content types make it confusing. Let's just go with two core content types: "teaching kits" and "activities." And eliminate the complexity of this list for now: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/teaching-kit-documentation-metatags
    • STATUS: COMPLETE. Meta-tags simplified to "teach." Tagging taxonomy is aligned with Web Literary Standard. Documented here.
  • Update this roadmap based on new cross-team call.