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Requirements for Fall Campaign

1.) User Success

  • A weekly (or more frequent) call where a paid Mozilla staffer walks Level 1 users through how to run an event. I.e., no creation, forking, joining, etc. Almost pure instruction manual content.

2.) In-person Training for Partners

  • Where we fly people to run day long training sessions for large partners. I.e., we gather 300 YMCA after school counselors into a room where they are taught how to implement Webmaker into their programs. Maybe slight remix, but no content creation, no join appeal, etc.

3.) Super Mentor Training

  • Where we poach the best of (1) and (2) into the larger training program anchored on Discourse and the other work Laura's put in place.

How training fits into our engagement ladder


  • 0. Enter our system, (funnels, emails) 1,000,000s Supporters
  • 1. Make something with us. 100,000s Webmakers
  • 2. Show someone how to make something / signal interest in teaching. 10,000s Webmaker Skill Sharer
  • 3. Get certified online. 10,000s Webmaker Mentors
  • 4. Join in-person orientation about our online certification. 1,000s Webmaker Mentors (deeper engagement)
  • 5. Lead an in-person orientation. 100s Webmaker Super Mentors
  • Need a tight community leadership core to design this and make this happen

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