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Training People to Teach the Web

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  • The Webmaker Training program teaches people how how to teach the web. It provides professional development for anyone who wants to teach web literacy, digital skills, and creative approaches to the web
  • Webmaker Training shows how Webmaker tools can empower creativity and learning, and how a local community can plug in to a global movement.
  • Everything is modular: the platform, the content, the individual prompts within the content itself. The agendas for the live trainings are built to be remixable. It's a blended learning program designed to scale.</strong>
  • Online and offline components can be independent or dependent on one another.
  • All of this is to ensure that each learner can choose the areas of the Webmaker world that are most relevant to how they would like to contribute.

Training Roadmap



We'll soft launch the Webmaker Training program (aka Teach the Web). By April 1st we will:

Set up v.01 of the new Webmaker Training platform, designed to look and feel like Webmaker.org and include the remixability that makes us strong.

Work with P2PU to perform a content review of the Teach the Web content. We'll make the content more modular, create examples and write new modules (specifically for inside the engagement module). We will also review and update existing make prompts (especially in the Building module, which is based on the exemplary Remix Teaching Kit and is the module in which learners learn to build teaching kits and supporting resources).

scope a UK based training

Goals: Train 200+ Webmaker Mentors, create 10+ excellent teaching kits
Early-March in London: NCS Sprint We will run a sprint on Open Practices with the NCS
Janky Online Training With the first iteration of the new training platform, we will run a alpha course of the teach the web content.

Detailed Planning Documents


We'll begin ramping up trainings by delivering both online and offline training to a variety of stakeholders.

Goal: Train 1000+ Webmaker Mentors, create 100+ excellent teaching kits
Mid-April in London: NCS Training We'll run an in-person training for NCS
Mid-April in Helsinki: Mini Training We'll run an in-person training and mini-sprint at the Helsinki Learning Festival
End of April in San Francisco: Mozcamp Design Session We'll run a participatory experience for Mozillians and plan MozCamps through the lens of Train the Trainer (including MoFos, CBTers, and MDNers)
May 12 - June 8: Massive Online Training After the online push, we'll use the reflection period to help contributors run their own online training sessions.
May 17th in London: Appmaker Training We'll assist in running an in-person training for Unicef
May 27 - 29 in London: MDN Design Session We'll run a participatory experience for MDNers to plan the MDN Learning Zone and train them in participatory pedagogies and Webmaker tools and processes.

Detailed Planning Documents


The Webmaker Training program will hit full stride.

We will begin the Teach the Web Road Tour training multiple communities in a short period. The trainings will prepare specific communities to throw marquee Maker Parties in preparation for the leadership tour happening at the end of the summer.

By this time, we hope to have documented and supported communities in running their own online trainings. We will help exemplar contributors to fork and modify Teach the Web modules to be more relevant to their local communities and provide guidance to mentors running these online trainings. Additionally, we'll encourage and support in-person trainings in individual locales.

Goal: Train 3000+ Webmaker Mentors, create 500+ excellent teaching kits
June 12: Special Online Training for Maker Party Partners at 12pm EST.
June 12 - 15 in Kampala: Train the Trainer The Uganda community will be training mentors and supermentors who will be helping in the preparation for the MozFestEA.
June 17th in San Francisco: Technovation Challenge Community team will join forces with the Appmaker team to run an ideation and Appmaker Training session.
June 18: Special Online Training for Maker Party Partners at 1pm EST.
June 19: Special Online Training for Maker Party Partners at 11am EST.
June 20 - 22 in India: MozCamp India We're collaborating with the Community Builders and Engagement Teams to make MozCamp India the beta test for MozCamps evolving into worldwide Train the Trainers.
July 10 - 11 in New York: Mouse Training We'll use the TeachTheWeb and Mouse Privacy Curriculum to train Mouse mentors on how to teach the web and privacy.
July 11 - 13 in Kampala: MozFest East Africa We are supporting the development of MozFest East Africa :)
July 18: Special Online Training for Maker Party Partners at 12pm EST.
July 18: Comms Refresh The outreach content for Training site will have been reviewed and improved by the partnership and comms teams
August 4 - 15: Online Training Net Neutrality. Join Mozilla for global Net Neutrality teach-ins and action.
Aug 8: Content Refresh By August 8th the content and code of the Training site will have been reviewed and improved by the Product and Comms teams
August 23 in the Philliphines: FSA MP Training We'll look to support and attend the Phillipines training session.
August 30- 31: Webmaker Training Days Kuala Lumpur 2014 We'll look to support and attend the KL training session.
October 6 - 17 (tentative): Online Training Webmaking for Librarians

Detailed Planning Documents


Time to Celebrate

We will celebrate all the people who participated in our trainings and run a special, pointed training for MozFest facilitators. We will celebrate the spreading of innovative pedagogies and soldifying partnerships throughout the year and begin planning the next cycle of the training program.

Goal: Train 500+ Webmaker Mentors, create 100+ excellent teaching kits
End of October: MozFest in London: Facilitator Training This year we'll run a more focused training for facilitators to help make the 2014 MozFest the most participatory, collaborative and makey event ever.
November 3 - 5: Telefonica in London: #TeachTheWeb Training We will training 40 Telefonica Think Big colleagues on participatory design and all things Webmaker.
  • Training Dates and Locales TBD