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Rethinking the Mozilla Web Universe

The current problem:

Entering the Mozilla web universe can be really confusing for users, and the current setup limits the ways we can spread the word about all the things that are happening around the organization and community.

How to fix it:

  • think about our sites as components of a larger network rather than a bunch of individual pieces.
  • tell our story effectively by making sure each site has a clear role and distinct focus.
  • group related content together so it’ll be where users can find it.
  • connect sites more effectively through cross-linking, UI elements, visual palette, etc.

More details:

Plan of attack: (caveat #1: this is intended to be the starting point for discussion, not a fully fleshed-out project plan; caveat #2: some of these events can happen concurrently, so the list isn't as linear as it may appear.)

  • step 1: organize back-end [in progress, complete for April]
  • step 2: create Mozilla web universe site map [end of May]
    • recommendation is to bring in an external IA expert to work with internal teams & community
    • will need to consider SEO implications as well
  • step 3: refine homepage [end of May(design); end of June (webdev/qa)]
  • step 4: make decision on primary name for Firefox product site [end of May]
    • ultimately, given that we can have multiple URLs pointing to the site, the name probably isn't as relevant as the decision to make it a fully focused Firefox product site. But, it's still a key decision point for everything that follows
  • step 5: additional content cleanup [start in June]
    • move "About" content and other duplicated pages from to
    • directory page
    • revamp about page on
      • includes mission page, merge of causes content
    • update additional pages to follow design style of revised homepage
  • step 6: create unifying site elements [start in June]
    • could include a common footer (with cross-links between the most central sites as identified during step 2), header elements, etc
    • again, recommendation is to bring in external firm to work with internal teams & community
  • step 7: Firefox product site redesign [scope, resources, brief Q2; design, content and preliminary testing for Q3; testing, webdev, qa, l10n Q4; launch Q1 ]
    • new look & feel for
    • need to confirm with stakeholders as to the full scope (should include related sites that use the same design, like SUMO and blog.moz)
  • step 8: New Firefox product site testing [Q3, Q4 ongoing]
    • allow time to test and tweak the new design - only show to small % of users until we're convinced it's equaling or outperforming the current version
  • step 9: create style guides [Q4]
    • visual and copy guides for mozilla sites
  • step 10: back-end enhancements to the Firefox product site [Q2 - Q4 ongoing]
    • this will run throughout much of this entire process
    • set up dynamic content engine, improve performance, clean up old content, Verbatim/Gettext?, etc
  • step 11: integrate add-ons into Firefox product site [see #7]
    • scope and methods TBD