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The following is a boilerplate for the agenda for the kickoff meeting for a new website. This agenda should be copied and pasted into a wiki page specific to this meeting, such as

The Web Dev Project Manager will call and run this meeting. A primary or secondary person covering each role should be present in this meeting.

These are notes for the kickoff meeting for {Website Name}.

= When / Where =
* Date: {Date}
* Time: {Time} 
* Room: {Room Name}
* Conf: #{Number}.
* IRC#: #{Channel Name}

= Agenda =

== GO! ==
The purpose of this meeting is to kickoff development for {Website Name}.
* Identify Attendants and their Roles in this project.
** Product owner
** TPM
** Web Project Manager
** Designer
** Web Dev
** Developers
** IT
** QA
** Security
** Legal
** L10N
* This meeting will be declared over at {Time}.

== Project Introduction ==
The product owner introduces us to the site concept.

== Concerns, Blockers and Timelines ==
Based on the introduction, available specifications and current progress, rough timelines that each group will need are as follows.  Each group should announce the concerns and blockers they have up front.

''Please note that the launch date will fluctuate.  Other priorities often dictate schedule changes.''

=== Project driver ===

=== Product Owner ===

=== Designer ===

=== Web Dev ===

=== IT ===

=== QA ===

=== Security ===

=== Legal ===

=== L10N ===

= Action Items =
The following action items were identified and assigned in this meeting:
* {Person}: {Action}
* {Person}: {Action}
* {Person}: {Action}

= Weekly Meeting =
The check-in meeting will be run by {Name} and take place once per week at {Week Day} {Time} beginning on {Date}.