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The following are notes and rules on running meetings for website development.

If we spend more time in meetings, we will spend less time building websites.

Running a Meeting

  • A driver has been identified for each stage of the development process.
  • Driver calls the meeting.
  • Driver prepares agenda and distributes before the meeting.
    • Agenda and meeting template are published on the public wiki.
  • Driver designates a Scribe to document action items declared during the meeting.
  • Driver commences meeting at the designated start time.
  • Driver ends meeting if Deciders are not present within 5 minutes of designated start time.
  • Driver reschedules meeting if attendees come unprepared.
  • Driver announces meeting purpose and agenda upon commencement.
  • Driver puts a link to the project wiki/agenda is in all meeting invites.
  • Driver announces firm meeting end time upon commencement.
    • If the meeting starts at 9:00am and has an allotted time of 1 hour, the meeting will end firmly at 9:55am.
  • Driver calls meeting at or before pre-announced end time.
  • Scribe records action items in meeting notes.
  • Driver always thanks people for their participation.

Meeting Templates