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Note: This proposal is an evolution of the earlier proposal about creating a common footer that all Mozilla sites could use.

Working Group

Sean Martell, David, John, Potch


The Mozilla universe is massive and difficult to get around. If we could provide information about the universe as a whole to people from any Mozilla web site, people would be able to discover more about Mozilla and find their way across the universe.


Note: This solution doesn't meet the legal requirement needs of the common footer of having certain links visible by default on all sites. To address this, we could move the adding of those links to the New Site Checklist proposal so that all sites are aware they need to add these links somewhere in their footer.


Closed (default)




Note: the content is just placeholder and we'll need to figure out what goes there.

Expanded Content

This section contains ideas about what content to include in in the expanded area when the tab is open.

  • Universal search (do we need to clarify this isn't site specific search, such as 'Search all of Mozilla'?)
  • Static links that cover key community hubs (perhaps based on Community Map contents).
    • Applications
      • Firefox
      • Thunderbird
    • Code
      • Developer Network
      • QMO
    • Contributors
      • Wiki
      • Planet
      • Air Mozilla
    • Local Sites
      • Europe
      • Africa
      • Asia
      • Americas
    • Labs/Drumbeat/Innovate
      • TBD
    • See More
  • Context-aware content (for instance, if you are browsing a code repository we can show people other code repositories or if you are on the Firefox add-ons site we can show other Firefox-related sites, such as SUMO, input, etc.) For example, if you are on you may see:
    • Code Repositories
      • SVN
      • Hg
      • foo
    • Developer Tools
      • Bugzilla
      • Crash-stats
      • foo
  • Site specific content (there may be cases where a site would like to make additional navigation or information available so we can have a tiered structure to this area although some sites might not want anything hidden by default).