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  • Support CrashKill team under rapid release model with new features and UI work (see list https://wiki.mozilla.org/CrashKill/Plan/Priorities#Q4.2F2011), specifically:
    • new nightly/aurora reports (lonnen) [CARRYOVER TO 2012, STILL IN DISCUSSION]
    • hang pairs (rhelmer) [DONE]
    • signature overview (schalk/brandon) - should note browser/content/plugin [DONE]
    • others as per wiki page (lonnen, schalk, brandon, laura)
  • rewrite config system (lars, peterbe) - 3.0 [DONE, needs deployment in Socorro]
  • json changes (lars) [MISSED]
  • push data access into the middleware, reorg middleware (adrian) [DONE]
  • set up queue (rhelmer) - phase 1 [CARRYOVER TO 2012, DEPENDS ON SERVICES]
  • Better support developers and outside users by:
    • Completing virtualization infrastructure and automation [DONE for now, may do some refinements next year]
    • Improving system support for startup systems with no data [DONE]
    • Distributing test data corpus [DONE]
    • periodic stable releases by the end of the year (rhelmer) [DONE]
  • Support integration with new sources of crash data from vendors (stretch goal) [DROPPED]


Graph Server

  • [CARRYOVER] Complete transition to new system [DONE]

Other projects

  • Contribute to Verbatim as required by l10n-drivers [DONE]
  • Support deployment, through building VMs and supporting contributors/liaising with IT, for
    • Narro [DONE]
    • Pontoon [MISSED]
    • AUS3 [DONE]