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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm PDT (20:00 UTC)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 866 432 7917 (US toll free)
  • +1 334 309 0297 (International)
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

In Attendance

Development Updates



Fx 2.0

TB 2.0

Gecko 1.9





  • Release Testing
    • Tested and released FF/TB 1507 last week (jay, alice, tracy, marcia, others)
      • Extensive certificate testing. This was new for us.
    • Tested FF2
      • RC1 on Vista (marcia)
      • Received last three test reports (Danish, Dutch, Turkish) from 3rd party reviewers. Processed these results. See the reports page. (timr)
    • Tested new distros (tracy)
  • Test Development
    • Added 42 tests. Ran tests for 1.8 and 1.9 on 20060914, 20060915, verified fixes. (bc)
  • Tools and Infrastructure
    • reviewed patches for bug 352248, bug 352305 and checked them in for the author (davel)
    • modified l10n search lister tool to only check yahoo search engine (davel)
  • Community
    • Region specific bug day was very effective. Several people were at each session. This is the best turnout so far. These were timed to be evening in East Asia, Europe, and US.
  • Store activities (marcia)
    • Coordinated getting Firefox Party Pack items
      • Followed up on samples and work to get shirt designs for Alex
    • Finalized getting Bon Echo shirt vector art files to Gateway and making sure the process moves along.

IT Updates

  • Mail migration
    • done for mozilla.com, firefox.com
    • upcoming mozilla.org
  • DB migrations this week
  • Mirrors
    • Major mirror offline - should be back online this week
    • Looking for more capacity (let us know if you know of anyone)
  • Dan Serri starting on contract - office/desktop support

Product Management and Marketing Updates

Product Management


  • Web site visual refresh is underway.
  • Messaging development is also underway.
  • Prepping for press tours to support Firefox 2 launch.
  • Working closely with Wil Clouser and Pascal Chevrel to ensure full l10n support for new in-product pages.


Developer Relations

  • Firefox 2 developer documentation is essentially complete, aside from minor cleanup and any bug fixes needed; there are no known bugs at this time.
    • Planning to add a session store sample this week.
  • DevRel pitched in to help get user documentation updates wrapped up for RC1.
  • Nutch is now working to provide improved search capability. Go to Special:Nutch to try it out; it needs testing before we replace the current search with it.
  • We could use some help with some PHP code and assorted other web coding to help improve MDC.

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • Bouncer
    • Patch for Sentry to check DNS records, disallow redirects, and not check outdated products on our mirror network -- see bug 326485 for discussion.
  • AUS
    • Partner channel fallback patch needs to be revisited, see bug 344742 for details.
    • Update metadata patch will be pushed this week, see bug 347256.
    • Finished up AUS acceptance tests, looking at automation of release verification in coming weeks. morgamic coming down 09/27-09/30.
  • AMO
    • AMO v1/v2 code freeze official. Only super-important stuff from now until Fx 2.0. Efforts focusing on v3 (remora).
    • HTML-ification of mocks underway -- see Remora Dashboard for more info. See Remora Interactions for mocks.
    • Standards, server reqs, naming conventions, coding style guide, licensing, etc. have all been discussed further in the last week or so. See the Main wiki page for more info.
    • We've also solidifed our SVN structure -- see the project in SVN if you'd like to dig through it.
  • Firefox Party!
    • Review of Firefox Party tool this week -- still would like to wait to have it code-complete (it's at 95% now) so we can stage it. Cursory review was OK -- it looked sane.
  • mozilla.com l10n

Foundation Updates


Other Business