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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (21:00 UTC until March 8, 2009)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • sip:weeklystatus@mozilla.com from generic SIP clients
  • http://air.mozilla.com/ to watch and listen
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for backchannel

note: all participants are muted automatically; if you want to talk, press *1 to un-mute yourself

WeeklyUpdate Live: You can watch the weekly meetings live at Air Mozilla You can also view previous meetings from the "on-demand" button on the Air Mozilla player. Meetings will be posted for on-demand consumption shortly after the meeting conclusion.

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Please send FotT nominations to asa@mozilla.org. This is a great opportunity for the community to recognize those who go above and beyond, so please tell me when you see that happening. Thanks.

Development Updates

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.6 / Major Update

  • Thunderbird
    • Went live last Tuesday thanks to some holiday work by QA and build
    • Moving Thunderbird 2.0.0.x to 2-month releases (every 8 weeks or so)
    • Will likely be supported until six months after Thunderbird 3 release
  • Firefox -> 3.0.5 Major Update
    • Went to beta users last Monday
    • Localizers are currently working to get the new banner translated (36 done, 8 remain!)
    • Final release date a moving target, but aiming for late this week or early next
  • Firefox 3.0.6
    • Code freeze is moved out to Wednesday, January 7 (at 11:59pm)
    • Does not move out final ship date of February 3
    • Currently 19 approved patches that need landing. Please land your patches.

Gecko 1.9.1

Firefox 3.1

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

  • Dec 31 Jan 1 - string freeze has come and gone
  • Jan 13 - code freeze
  • Jan 19 - QA start
  • Jan 26 - ship to users
  • New faces on the Firefox team - please say "hi" on IRC!
    • David Dahl (ddahl) - from ILM, author of the rCache add-on for Firefox and the Clarify Python wrapper for Tesseract OCR
    • Drew Willcoxon (adw) - from Stanford and University of Georgia, author of the Extend Firefox 3 winning TagSifter add-on, as well as several other projects (see his web page)

TB 3

  • 3.0b2
    • String Freeze: Monday, 2009-02-02 23:59 Pacific
    • Code Freeze: Thursday, 2009-02-05 23:59 Pacific



  • Another slow week, ran through more kernel updates and a few RHEL5 upgrades.
  • "We made life easier for IT" - justdave

Release Engineering

  • Holiday releases:
    • all Partner Major updates released by 20dec2008
    • TB2.0.0.19 released on 30dec2008.
  • DHCP woes closed tree 31dec2008; see bug 471679 for details
  • FF2.0.0.20->FF3.0.5 vanilla MU ready to release (Thursday?)
  • linux-mobile talos results now on graphs.m.o. Look for "Nokia N810" platform. Still investigating Tp crash in bug 471585.


Welcome Marco Zehe and Henrik Skupin as new employees!

Test Execution

  • Major Update of Fx2.0.0.20 -> Fx3.0.5 shipped to Beta on 12/29 (al, juan)
  • Thunderbird shipped to World early on 12/30 (al, juan)
  • Firefox 3.1 Feature testing progress:
    • Testplans (90% completed)
    • Testcases (76% completed)
  • Community discussions beginning in the QMO forum
  • Early stages of litmus redesign ideas

Web Dev Testing, Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Crash Reports

  • Tomcat attended the 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. See his report.
  • Code Coverage metrics: Working on ways to drill down and to visualize the coverage. See sample bubble diagram. Size of each bubble is the number of change sets on that file.

Test Development

  • Continuing to execute JavaScript tests with focus on mozilla-central (1.9.2), mozilla-1.9.1 (1.9.1) and tracemonkey (1.9.2) repositories while attempting to keep up to date with the most recent failures
  • Continued development to support Sisyphus|Javascript testing against 1.9.2 - work tracked in bug 472144 and should land today.
  • New Patches for CSS Transform and CSS Border-Radius tests
  • Mozmill 1.0 release should be this week - still in find/fix cycle
  • Investigated all reftest and mochitest failures on Fennec and filed bugs for them.
  • Finding, minimizing and diagnosing crash and memory leaks: bug 471416, bug 471458, bug 471543, bug 471598 etc.
  • Analyzed results from the 100,000 Topsite Test: ~ 70,000 Sites done so far with about 16,000 abnormal exits (for example: fatal assertions, crashes, etc); currently running a verification test for these abnormal results.
  • Started a 100,000 top site run for the 1.9.0 branch. After it completes, plan to do a 35,000 site run continuously against that branch to help catch any future regressions.





  • No updates



  • Getting ready to start evaluating the upcoming Lyons release of Deki.
  • Re-starting the newsletter next week - send stories to deb if you have them.


  • Snowl 0.2rc1 released; looking for feedback; see blog post for details and to download.
  • Weave milestone 2 for 0.3 released, now with Fennec support! See the Weave forum for details and download instructions.

Developer Tools


  • Rey Bango working on short term project to improve Add-ons approval and review process
  • Cranked up recruiting for new editors, 2 new joined in the past two weeks, 5 from Seneca College starting, and we're going to look into recruiting from universities for more volunteers. Working on ideas to better thank our top editors.
  • Worked on tools and analysis for improving the breadth of featured and recommended addons
  • 2009 planning- focus on improving add-on awareness and discovery, let Nick Nguyen know if you want to help.
  • Early ideation and analysis around next generation of Add-ons, will formalize project soon so everyone can be involved.



Foundation Updates

  • It was a generally slow week, with some folks on vacation.
  • Mark produced some initial notes on a possible Mozilla Foundation education program.
  • David did updates to the Projects and History pages on www.mozilla.org (to add Fennec as a project, note Adobe Acrobat and Kirix Strata as applications using Mozilla technologies, and address comments raised in bug 471494).
  • Frank continued participating in the public discussion about Comodo and Certstar.
  • The new Mozilla shirt is now available in the International Store.
  • And last but certainly not least, there's a new member of the Boswell family.


Other Business