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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Bret Reckard wrote in to nominate Amie Tyrrel for all the work she put in getting visas sorted out for the Mozilla Summer Intern Program. "It's a huge undertaking with Mozilla's ever-growing and diverse program. Amie's kept the entire process moving throughout the spring and it's going to start paying off when the interns arrive beginning of May."

Development Updates

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.9
    • Shipped just shy of two weeks ago
  • Firefox 3.0.10
    • Shortly after shipping 3.0.9, noticed that a major stability regression had been introduced
    • Firedrilled 3.0.10 with a fix for the stability issue
    • Shipped last Monday, April 27
  • Firefox 3.0.11
    • New schedule on the wiki
    • Aiming for early June release
  • Firefox MU 2
    • Initially scrapped due to 3.0.10 firedrill
    • Planning a release in two to three weeks

Gecko 1.9.1

  • Beta 4 progress: Shipped. Now, watching feedback and nom queues for issues and fixing remaining blockers to get us to RC 1.
  • Last week we completed a round of planning for each team:
    • For overall Platform planning, see this wiki page.
    • Next steps are to discuss the overall plan for what the next Gecko release (post 1.9.1) will look like, not just features, but duration and timing.
  • Blocker Status:
    • 13 final blocker bugs left in content. (9 last time)
    • 6 GFX final blockers. (Two weeks ago: 3)
    • 5 Layout final blockers. Six have patches. (Two weeks ago: 9)
    • 0 SVG final blockers (Last time: 2).
    • JS with 15 blockers. (Two weeks ago: 29)
  • Triage needed. 25 noms are in the queue right now.
  • For weekly engineering meeting notes and other info see the Platform page.
  • 58 total 1.9.1 blockers (two weeks ago: 73).

Firefox 3.5

Firefox Front End Work

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4

  • huzzah, released!


Team News

  • Please join me in welcoming our first intern, Matthew Noorenberghe!
    • MattN on IRC
    • going to be working on AwesomeBarFormComplete
    • also working on site-specific notifications (aka: "doorhangers")
  • Vlad has joined the Firefox team to add senior technical firepower! Ka-blamm!

TB 3

  • 3.0b3 schedule has slipped; new schedule forthcoming



  • Two weeks:
    • Handled -2- releases and 3.5b4 release unthrottled
    • That's three in a row now
    • Just need to re-architect bouncer logging (bug 464778)
    • Still working through content push/sync issues (bug 488762) that cause grief during releases and other website content pushes
  • Planning for storage firmware upgrades (next week)

Release Engineering

  • FF3.0.9, 3.0.9 partner builds, 3.0.10, 3.0.10 partner builds, 3.5b4 done
  • Tshutdown tests enabled in talos last week, details here
  • expecting this week to be busy week, pent up demand after FF3.5beta4 lockdown and allhands. Watching the wait times posted to mozilla.dev.tree-management.
  • Welcome to John Ford (jhford on irc)


During work week we tested and shipped Firefox 3.5 B4, 3.0.10, AMO 5.0.5 and Spread Firefox. Whew!!

Test Execution

  • Shipped Fx3.0.10 to world on monday
  • Shipped Fx3.5 Beta 4 to beta on monday
  • Issue found: l10n (es-mx): Discovered 3.5beta4 bug in all-beta.html page on production thanks to localizer bug 490398 - new betas missing in all-beta.html
  • Welcome intern, Anthony Hughes (ashughes) to the QA Execution Team!

Web Dev Testing, Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • WebDev Testing - Tested and shipped AMO 5.0.5 and Spread Firefox (yay!) amid the crazy work week!
  • Project metrics- Generated branch coverage details for the first time. this allows us to see into the coverage of multiple conditions on one line.
  • Accessibility - Focus last week was on video screen reader accessibility. TRhis is about exposing the embedded controls of the HTML5 video and audio elements to screen readers. Tested patches and reviewed test check-ins.
  • Community:
    • We had our second community QA meet-up on Wednesday, April 22nd. We had a great turn out and did some live Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 testing!
    • The first meetup in Munich will be in 2 weeks!
    • Testdays
    • Last updates to the Project Page by re-doing the Get Involved Section Implementation. Page has gone to the community for review

Test Development

  • Presented Greener Tinderbox results with Johnath and Catlee
  • Worked on Network Shaping Performance metrics
  • Collaborated around new mobile testing extensions
  • Lots of heads down work with platform team
  • Aaron Train joins us as an intern to work with us on Layout Test Development




  • Next Community Marketing call is Wednesday, May 6th, at 10am PDT. Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#. Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. For those that can't make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on irc.mozilla.org.
  • New Spread Firefox design live! Thanks to all the amazing hardwork - especially Alex Buchanan, Krupa Raj and Stephen Donner!

Firefox 3.5 Launch

  • Marketing is hosting a series of online workshops via Air Mozilla to prep for the Firefox launch. On Thursday, we'll be conducting the Creative workshop at 9 a.m. PDT/16:00 UTC.

Mozilla Service Week

  • June 22 - 29, 2009
  • A week to provide technology & Web-related service to organizations in need.
  • Looking for localization help with the "Mozilla Service Week" name.



  • eLiberatica Open Source and Free Software Conference (Bucharest, Romania) - May 22-23:
    • Gandalf and William to present
    • Special "Mozilla Community Booth" will be set up for presentations and contributor sign-ups
    • Full details here
  • Mozilla-Maemo Danish Weekend (Copenhagen, Denmark) - May 30-31:
    • 2-day workshops focusing on Mozilla, Maemo and Mozilla-Maemo projects
    • Details




  • No updates this week.


  • Weave can now detect OpenID forms on pages and handle them automatically, acting as an OpenID provider.
  • Personas now allows community members to approve submissions, allows users to delete their submissions, and localization work has begun.
  • The Concept Series Design Challenge judging ends tomorrow, and we will announce the winners.
  • The Labs site redesign is in its final stages.

Developer Tools

  • 0.2 Bespin release
    • VCS integration--we can dogfood it now!
    • Lots of misc. improvements, like searching in a file
    • Richer support for subcommands (e.g. completion)
    • Dashboard uses latest Thunderhead (major dashboard migration about to happen)
    • New age extension support
  • Debugger integration


  • New blog template, thanks to morgamic, Sean Martell, and the kubrick folks
  • New policy around "no surprises" posted to blog
  • New category pages and simple user profiles
  • New developer agreement
  • 3.5.* now active in AMO, sending out email today or tomorrow to extension developers, currently around 52% are compatible with 3.5.* and higher
  • 5.0.6 release totally focused on reskin and Bandwagon, will ship May 28
  • AMO Presentation now up on Slideshare, will blog this week.
  • Welcome Chris Howse AMO Design Intern!


  • AMO 5.0.5 launched last week - see fixed bugs and blog post about new features. Overall, 46 bugs fixed and a few thousand lines of code, so great job!
  • 300 new tests for AMO code in the last 2 weeks and over 500 in April overall. We are up to 1500. In related news, Jeff and team have been working on a test dashboard and IRC client named "bosley" that will report testing status to the AMO dev team so we know who has summoned the fail whale when they check-in new code.
  • SFX launched last week, read Mary's blog. Great job by the SFX team getting this out!
  • Jeff posted a Geo demo, so check it out. Thanks Jeff!
  • SUMO - planned metrics for stats dashboard, finalizing 1.0.2 release


Products l10n:

  • Firefox 3.5b4 released in 70 languages

Web l10n:

  • Web localization for Firefox 3.5 started tracking bug: #490884
  • New in-product page for localization compared to 3.0: Geolocation. Will be ready for localization by end of the week
  • Mozilla Service Week promotional website to be localized too, English copy being prepared now, should be ready for l10n by end of the week, early next week
  • More locales this year but less pages per locale, focusing on high visibility pages as well as marketing related localization for launch


  • Cédric Corazza (French localizer) is helping the Kompozer project (nvu-Fork) led by Fabien Cazenave to have a coordinated product localization: Documentation
  • Good news, 6 new web localizers in the past two weeks (German, Serbian, Greek, French and Spanish)

Foundation Updates

  • James Boston is our new Mozilla Education intern, working on the Mozilla Education site and related activities. Please welcome James!
  • The Open|Web|Content|Education course continues this week with a week 6 seminar on open learning and pedagogy.
  • As noted in David's blog post, we have a third round of designs for www.mozilla.org available for review.
  • We blogged about Mozilla as a hybrid organization (Mark's original post and Frank's follow-up)
  • We talked about Mozilla, openness and participation to 150+ Government of Ontario communications professionals at the Reach Out conference (Mark's slides).
  • Based on Kathleen Wilson's recommendations, we approved CA requests from ComSign and StartCom to include ComSign's root certificate in Mozilla (bug 420705) and enable StartCom's root for EV and trust it for code signing (bug 451298).
  • For more information on what we're working on, see Mark's blog post on Mozilla Foundation team priorities for the coming months.


Our first 8 interns started today:

Aaron Train - QA
Anthony Hughes - QA
Arzhel Younsi - IT
Chris Howse - AMO
John Ford - Build
Matt Noorenberghe - FFx
Nino D'Aversa - Mobile
Reed Loden - IT

A warm welcome to all of them!

Other Business