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Video for today's meeting

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • The entire Softvision team in Romania for helping QA qualify every Firefox release this quarter and their continued participation in every testday. They have enabled quick turnaround on releases/chemspills, and enabled us to extend typical testday hours from 8 hours to 20 hours -- they make 'awesome' possible. (ashughes)
  • Amy Rich and Chris Cooper for keeping the Thunderbird releng infrastructure online during a difficult move to a new data center (John O'Duinn)
  • SUMO wants to thank Scoobidiver for being the most prolific writer and reviewer of knowledge base articles and for then turning around and localizing them all in French. We'd also like to thank Alice Wyman for her invaluable contributions to the SUMO knowledge base over the last three and a half years.

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, October 3

Tuesday, October 4

Wednesday, October 5

  • Brownbag at 1PM pacific: "Structure and Motivation of a New Wiki to Better Enable Openness and Collaboration in Sustainability" - Ward Cunningham,

Thursday, October 6

  • Brownbag at 12pm pacific: Mozilla The Musical-Asa Tells the Mozilla Story. Aimed at interns but open to anyone.
  • Brownbag at 12:30pm pacific: Agile coach Elisabeth Hendrickson will give her presentation "Lessons Learned from 100+ (simulated) Agile Transitions"

Friday, October 7

Next Week

Product Status Updates

Firefox Future (8, 9, 10)

  • We shipped Firefox 7!
    • And then a quick update to fix disappearing (but not actually gone!) addons
    • Public reaction seems really positive
  • Next migration day is November 8

Firefox Current (3.6, 4.0-7.0)

Mobile Firefox

The bigger issues

  • Will Java front-end be feasible? Doug T. is driving toward an initial pros/cons analysis over the next week
  • Flash support will land on nightly in the next few days, need to evaluate and set criteria for whether it would be good enough to ship (Note, this is smartphones only, because it's Gingerbread and earlier, not Honeycomb)
  • Startup shrink continues. We're capturing baseline measurements for mem usage and responsiveness so that we can track optimization wins. We are also looking at analysis of metrics across release channel builds.

Top three customer issues and plan to fix

  • Startup/stability; 38% of 1 & 2-star ratings on Android Market are "slow/unstable"; startupshrink project is the plan to fix
  • Other performance themes: page loading performance and scrolling/panning performance; getting quit in the background; memshrink project is the plan to fix

Just landed in Aurora for Firefox 9

  • Major tablet UX refresh - good feedback on input so far
  • Webapps support
  • More locale picker work
  • Camera
  • Need to make decisions on:
    • Flash on demand (front-end patch getting better)
    • UA
    • Featurettes, like the Clear Private Data changes (need to triage)


Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.


  • Mozilla Festival in London, UK. Nov 4 - 6."Media, Freedom and the Web." Will include BBC, the Guardian, Boston Globe, Al Jazeera, Soundcloud, many others.
  • Updated list of design challenges for you to get involved in: https://mozillafestival.org/program/design-challenges/
  • From designing news apps for mobile, to translation / localization, to 3D modelling. Especially looking for Javascript developers, UX designers, HTML5 audio & video hackers.
  • Interested in participating? Register here.


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Presenter Topic Media More Details
Aakash Desai Mozillians.org 1.0 Mozillians.org site Mozillians Project Wiki
Michael Coates Mozilla Web Bounty Update Web Bounty Presentation Mozilla Bounty Program Details

Status Updates By Team






Release Engineering


Test Execution
QA Community
Automation Services

Automation & Tools

  • Desperately need a hand with bug 621363 if you can help, ping khuey and jmaher
  • Bug Correlations landed on the War on Orange site, take a look to see how your oranges relate to one another.
  • Besides making an awesome maple-chocolate-bacon cake, Trevor put his tegra pool online. If you need to check out a tegra for debugging and want to try it out, ping tfair.
  • More notes and status here


Security Reviews Scheduled for this week

Date / Time Item
Mon Oct 3 / 13:00 PST Graphite Font Shaping 631479
Mon Oct 3 / 15:00 PST Full Screen API
Tue Oct 4 / 10:00 PST XHR rewrites non-POST methods upon 301/302 redirects 598304, 676059, 676829
Wed Oct 5 / 13:00 PST Expose Add-On Performance
Thu Oct 6 / 10:00 AM PST Safe Browsing Backend - Mobile

Calendar and Meeting details




Creative Team

Community Marketing





Developer Tools




Introducing New Hires

  • Rail Aliiev: joining the Build & Release team, managed by Chris Atlee, located in the Toronto office.
  • Michael Bebenita: joining the Research Engineering team, managed by Andreas Gal, located in the Mtn. View Office.
  • Martin Best: joining the Engineering team, managed by Sheila Mooney, located in the Toronto office.
  • Kartikaya Gupta: joining the Platform Engineering team, managed by Brad Lassey, located in the Toronto Office.
  • John Jensen: joining the Market Insights team, managed by Patrick Finch, located in the Vancouver office.
  • Nicholas Matsakis: joining the JavaScript team, managed by Dave Mandelin, located in the Mtn. View office.
  • Victor Ng: joining the Services team, managed by Mike Connor, located in Newmarket, ON.
  • Gregor Wagner: joining the Content team, managed by Johnny Stenback, located in the Mtn. View office.
  • Jeff Beatty: joining the l10n team, managed by Axel Hecht, working remotely in Utah.
  • Arron Schaar: joining the Web Dev team, working on the Add-on Builder out of the Mountain View office.

Foundation Updates