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  • Dial-in: Audio-only conference# 8600
    • People with Mozilla phones or softphones please dial x4000 Conf# 8600
    • US/Toll-free: +1 800 707 2533, (pin 4000) Conf# 8600
    • US/California/Mountain View: +1 650 903 0800, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • US/California/San Francisco: +1 415 762 5700, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • US/Oregon/Portland: +1 971 544 8000, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • CA/British Columbia/Vancouver: +1 778 785 1540, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • CA/Ontario/Toronto: +1 416 848 3114, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • UK/London: +44 (0)207 855 3000, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • FR/Paris: +33 1 84 88 37 37, x4000 Conf# 8600
    • Gmail Chat (requires Flash and the Google Talk plugin): paste +1 650 903 0800 into the Gmail Chat box that doesn't look like it accepts phone numbers
    • SkypeOut is free if you use the 800 number

All-hands Status Meeting Agenda

Items in this section will be shared during the live all-hand status meeting.

Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

  • Satdav - for doing all of the SuMo mobile meeting agendas and arranging the monthly air Mozilla meeting
  • North American Reps for showing leadership in setting up the Devderby contest

Upcoming Events

This Week

Thunderbird 24 test week

Monday, 19 August

  • MAKER PARTY: Toronto, CA: Five-Day MakerKids Inventions Summer Camp. Imagine something crazy, and make it! At the MakerKids Summer Camp, Kids will have the opportunity to think up an invention, a contraption, a vehicle, a monster, a robot, an outfit or whatever you imagine! The camp runs Monday through Friday, from 9am until 4pm every day. On the afternoon of the last day, family and friends are invited to come and see the creations!
  • MAKER PARTY: Toronto, CA: Five-Day Music Video Mayhem (ages 12-16) camp. Music Video Mayhem will provide participants with the necessary technical skills and confidence to turn a hot musical track into a music video. Participants will work collaboratively with each other and guest filmmakers to interpret the songs of local indie artists. This one-week long intensive camp will see participants involved in a variety of film-related workshops that include directing, filming and editing.
  • MAKER PARTY: Chicago, US: Five-Day Project Wishcraft: Sew Long Summer camp. What better way to welcome a new school year than with accessories made by hand (a messenger bag? a zippered pencil case?) A week of machine- and hand-sewing is mixed with art+craft techniques. No previous sewing experience is required and those with experience take on new challenges.

Tuesday, 20 August

  • Intern presentations at the 1st floor SF Commons at 1-3:30pm PDT: Shawn Nguyen, Stella Zubeck, Varunkumar Manohar, Ivan Alagenchev and Ganesh Ghosh.
  • MAKER PARTY: West Haven, US: Print to Pixel Unconference. The Education Department at UNH, in cooperation with Wallingford Public Schools, is hosting an unconference on August 20th. The Print to Pixel Unconference is a free educational event that will focus on instructional opportunities in teaching literacy and technology. It is a facilitated event where the attendees create the agenda and lead discussions around a theme.
  • MAKER PARTY: Andhra Pradesh, India: Bay parties webmaker 3 Event. VIZAG is an effort to build a Mozilla and FOSS community in the city. With the global maker party, VIZAG community takes its first steps in contribution to spread Open Web ideologies and create Mozilla presence. Through this event we are planning to mark the start of a series of Webmaker parties in VIZAG, India. The event would include a sessions on Mozilla Webmaker, hands-on with awesome Webmaker tools like Thimble, Popcorn and X-Ray Goggles.. FOSS , Mozilla Initiatives and Contributions and a FOSS quiz.

Wednesday, 21 August

  • Intern presentations in TOR conference room High Park at 2-3:30pm EDT (11am-12:30pm PDT): Guillaume Abadie and Max Li.
  • MAKER PARTY: Salamiyah, Syria: Celebration of training children on ICT and digital literacy. ICTs Training help children of Salamieh Telecentre to access world information. Participants will create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art through SCRATCH program. It is easy to create your own interactive stories, games, and animations – and share your creations with others on the web.
  • MAKER PARTY: Pittsburgh, US: Children Museum of Pittsburgh's Family Programming Workshop. Design and invent together with your family using Scratch. With Scratch, particpants can program their own games, animations, and stories. Hosted by a member of the MIT Scratch team, this is a workshop for parents and children to learn together and is open to all beginners. Most suitable for families of children ages 6 and up, free with museum admission.

Thursday, 22 August

  • 10:00 AM Pacific / 17:00 UTC: Grow Mozilla discussion -- a forum for discussing community building at Mozilla
  • Intern presentations in the 1st floor SF Commons at 1-3:30pm PDT: Shane Tully, Tim Gaweco, Hannah Quay-de la Valle, Jez Ng and Alex Wafula.
  • Noon Pacific / 1900 UTC in Ten Forward and on Air Mozilla, a brownbag: Minimum Viable Bureaucracy. Laura Thomson will repeat the engineering management and leadership talk she recently gave at OSCON.
  • 2 p.m. Pacific in Ten Forward and Air Mozilla: Using the crash-stats API. Crash-stats.mozilla.com provides public statistics and engineering details about every Firefox crash. The site now exposes an API so that QA, engineers, release managers, and researchers can extract this data in a machine-queryable and machine-readable formats. In the talk, Peter Bengtsson demonstrates the crash-stats API. He answers questions about current capabilities and future plans for the API.

Friday, 23 August

  • MAKER PARTY: Brooklyn, US: Brooklyn Storymakers Event. Brooklyn Public Library and Hive NYC Learning Network are teaming up to host an event for youth ages 10-18, featuring hands-on activities that celebrate the fact that stories are as much fun to read as they are to make! Create an online comic strip, design and playtest video games, make a stop-motion animated short, or retell/remix your favorite story using digital media and the web. The goal is to make something awesome and share it with others! This event is part of the Mozilla Maker Party campaign - it's one of hundreds of events around the world where people realize their creative potential and become active makers of the world around them.

Saturday, 24 August

  • MAKER PARTY: Albuquerque, US: Two-Day NM Maker Jam @ Maker Faire. ABQ Maker Faire we will hold the first NM Maker Jam to celebrate Mozilla world wide Maker Party. Kids will learn and build several websites live at the ABQ Maker Faire.
  • MAKER PARTY: Huntsville, US: CoderDojo Huntsville Session. The second CoderDojo session will be part of a 3-part series on how to create your own Scratch webgames. In this first lesson we will be working on creating your first animation, some of the basic components, and how to add user input to your animation. In this second installment we will work on creating a new game while adding sound and a global high scores list. For more advanced children we offer HTML and CSS animation activities that should be a lot of fun and challenging as well.
  • MAKER PARTY: Toronto, CA: Girls Learning Code: Produce Your Own Audio Podcast. This full day experience features an in depth look at podcasting, journalism and how information can be told through digital form. Using Audacity, an application used to record, edit and piece together a number of assorted sounds, girls will be able to use their creativity to produce their very own information based audio podcast. This workshop will highlight voice techniques through various forms of microphones, and offer an opportunity for girls to record themselves broadcasting their very own fictional event (anything from an alien invasion to a weather report that is expecting falling cats!). Girls will also be introduced to freesound.org, an online database for thousands of downloadable audio tracks, where they'll be able to add in a background song, and/or multiple sound effects to accompany their story.
  • MAKER PARTY: Chicago, US: Design Like Wright: Summer Saturdays: Family Designing Spaces. Parents and budding architects will try their skill at designing an interior space with Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy in mind. After an exploration of the innovative spaces of Wright’s Frederick C. Robie House, families will work together to design and draw a scaled floor plan of a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • FIREFOX OS APP WORKSHOP: Porto Alegre, BR. Tech evangelism team hands-on workshop for pre-qualified app developers/app porters.

Sunday, 25 August

  • MAKER PARTY: Yangon Region, Myanmar: Web Maker Party Myanmar. The web is used for media, entertainment, business, education, communication, social and to keep in touch with others. The web is also another way to make journalism free and open. This event will help participants understand how they can make things on web, using tools provided by Web Maker Organization. Participants will be teamed with various professionals to make projects on fly. This event will be a hack jam event.
  • MAKER PARTY: Andhra Pradesh, India: Moz. Beginners Event. An Event for people who want to begin their journey in contributing to Mozilla and are interested in Mozilla Applications. This includes demonstration on X-Ray Goggles, Thimble.

Next Week

Product Status Updates (voice updates)

Firefox Desktop

Speaker Location: toronto (johnath)

Firefox Mobile

Speaker Location: toronto (johnath)

  • New about:home redesign tablet optimization landed on fig \o/ bug 888905
  • Chromecast support for Firefox goodness is in progress bug 901803
  • Landed in Fx25 bug 722902 - Make AMO more discoverable in the browser
  • SkiaGL backed canvas turned on for all Android platforms


Thunderbird 24 beta1 is available for download. We are having a test week.

Older Branch Work

Speaker Location:


Speaker Location: OpenMatt in Toronto

Popcorn maker -- screen shot gif movie with tutorial.png


Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:

Firefox OS

Speaker Location: NoAudioYo.

Grow Mozilla

Speaker Location: San Francisco

Help us build a history of Mozilla told by Mozillians. Please share your memories about this Mozilla milestone:

2011 b2g logo.png

60 Seconds with Mozilla IT

Speaker Location: San Francisco

  • DB Engineering helped securely backup Marketplace DB.
  • Relops now has OS X 10.9 automation in place, so Engineering can start testing stuff.
  • Intern presentation plug! Shawn Nguyen is present tomorrow at 1300 about how he helped improve our OS X imaging process.


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It's like a lightning talk, but don't feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation. If you plan on showing a video, you need to contact the Air Mozilla team before the day of the meeting or you will be deferred to the next week.

Presenter Title Topic Location Share? Media More Details
Who Are You? What Do You Do? What are you going to talk about? Where are you presenting from? (Moz Space, your house, space) Will you be sharing your screen? (yes/no, other info) Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information
Mardi Douglass Summit Planning Team Summit Weekly Updates Seattle No Summit Registration Page,

Registration questions: mozillasummit[at]shworldwide[dot]com, Summit hash-tag: #mozsummit

Otis Collier Sourcer Recruting Atlanta (remote) No
Lawrence Mandel Program Manager Web compat update MV No Slides
Kensie (Majken) Mozilla Rep Mentor North America Reps Meetup San Fransisco No


Do you have a question about a Mozilla Project or initiative? Let us know by Friday- we'll do our best to get you an answer.

Please note that we may not always be able to get to every item on this list, but we will try!

Who are you? Area of question Question
What's your name? What do you work on? Is your question about policy, a product, a Foundation initiative, etc. What would you like to know?
Steve Fink (Levity) Product Follow-on to the above, what is the FirefoxOS certification process/procedure and where is it published? (We're getting dinged for lack of transparency; dunno whether it's justified) - http://fyre.it/2cRUnA.4


Let's say hello to some new Mozillians!

Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Who is the new hire? Who will be introducing that person? Where is the introducer? Where will the new person be working from? What will the new person be working on?
Guillermo Movia William Reynolds San Francisco Buenos Aires, Argentina Supporting and helping grow the Mozilla volunteer base across Latin America
Patrick Brosset Joe Walker Mountain View Office France Developer Tools Engineer
Lars August Bergstrom Azita Rashed Mountain View Office Remote - IL Compiler Engineer
David Major Benjamin Smedberg MV Office MV Office Stability Engineer
Jacob Ryan Stinnett Alex Poirot Paris Office Remote - TX Firefox OS Simulator
Stephany Wilkes Jaime Chen Mountain View Office San Francisco Office Program Manager
Shannon Clayton Lori Jashinsky Mountain View Office London Office Office Services Coordinator - WPR

Introducing New Interns

New Intern Introduced by Speaker location New Hire location Will be working on
Who is the new intern? Who will be introducing that person? Where is the introducer? Where will the new person be working from? What will the new person be working on?


Notes and non-voice status updates that aren't part of the live meeting go here.

Status Updates By Team (*non-voice* updates)







Release Engineering


Test Execution


QA Community

Automation & Tools

The refactored XPCShell harness that supports parallel runs has landed (bug 887054). This means that if you update your tree and run |mach xpcshell-test|, you will be running XPCShell tests in parallel. It is not yet enabled in automation (TBPL), ironing out some intermittent failures that seem to only happen there.

Updated the docs for httpd.js - please use dynamic ports as much as possible.


If you *have* to write a test that cannot be run in parallel, use the new |run-sequential| annotation.


More info about this in the blog post here:





"For now, however, Heilmann emphasized that Firefox OS was intended to bring a taste of democracy into the global market, where phones are often the only way to access the web." – VentureBeat

The first Firefox phone is cheap, simple, & totally democratic, VentureBeat

ZTE Open Firefox OS phone on sale in UK, US, Digital Spy

Mozilla to Launch Metro-Friendly Version of Firefox on Dec. 10, PCMag.com

Windows 8 Users That Hate Internet Explorer Will Soon Be Saved By Firefox (MSFT), SFGate