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Dial in

 # When:     Every Monday at 8:45am PDT/PST
 # Vidyo:
 # Phone:    650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9654 (US/INTL)
 #           1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9654 (US)
 # IRC:      irc://
 # IRC logs:


  • Attendees: Andrei, Andreea, Rob, Anthony, Dave, Henrik, Adrian, Cosmin, Mario, Otilia
    • TBD
  • Chair: Henrik Need a volunteer! - Andrei
  • Notes: Andreea

Last Weeks Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER] [Dave] present camera rig
  • [DONE] [Henrik] We should stop sending [SUCCESS] mails to prevent spam (should we also remove [FIXED] mails?)
  • [DONE] [Dave] Add Eideticker to Q4 goals
  • [DONE] [Dave] Replace Gaia UI with Eideticker CI in the Project Updates section of the meeting template



  • [henrik] Do we want to record our meetings?

Goals Overview

Project Updates

Mozmill (Henrik)

  • Cosmin found the fix for bug 922995 which let Mozmill 2.0 to not execute some of our restart tests
  • We should be able to release Mozmill 2.0.1 (bug 931828) later this week
  • A couple of addon related features are broken in mozprofile and need fixes for Mozmill 2.0
  • Our documentation on MDN mentions mozmill-env now!
  • Mozmill CI
    • The crashes of the Windows 8.1 64 bit machines have been fixed
    • We have 4 enabled nodes per platform now
    • Way faster processing of jobs due to the cancellation of success emails
    • The patch to let us execute tests for builds from project branches will land soon

Eideticker CI (Dave)

Games Benchmarking (Rob, Joel, BC)

  • No updates this week

AWSY (Rob)

  • Jenkins job running on my local test box
  • Problem grabbing large numbers of about memory logs from the emulator (bug 931198)
  • Next step: Setup jenkins on the production VMs

Softvision Updates

Desktop Automation

  • Goals progress: Metro work in progress
  • Cosmin found the cause for bug bug 922995 and hopefully we'll have 2.0 back in production soon
  • Resolved Fixed:
      • bug 925346 - Test failure "Geolocation position has been found" in /testGeolocation/testShareLocation.js
      • bug 930959 - Increase the timeout for retrieving the geolocation
  • Working on:
    • Andreea
      • [mozmill-automation] Add metro testrun and support custom applications
      • [mozmill-automation] Update automation script to re-raise exceptions in order to have a non-zero exit code
      • bug 927397 - Update repository structure by dividing it in application types
      • bug 880417 - Create user interface shared module for metro
    • Cosmin
      • bug 922995 - Some restart tests are not being run in sequence and cause various failures (like persisted.addon not defined)
      • bug 599290 - Update SoftwareUpdateAPI to support complete relocation to the about dialog
      • bug 898568 - Test Failure "Suggestions Mozilla from Google and SAPO search providers are different - got 'false' " in /testSearch/testSearchSuggestions.js::testMultipleEngines
    • Mario
      • bug 851502 - Create an Endurance test to measure html5 video memory use
      • bug 931715 - Test failure "The add-on has been correctly installed - got 'false'" in /restartTests/testInstallAddonWithoutEULA/test1.js
      • bug 786306 - Add more logic to the restart tests to skip following test files if a test is failing
    • Andrei
      • buildmaster - tests and infrastructure
      • bug 928124 - Migrate Mozmill Tests for Firefox 25
      • bug 908649 - Refactor lib/downloads.js replacing the nsiDownloadManager backend with the new Downloads.jsm implementation
Waiting for review/Feedback/Need info
Bug number Status Requestee Requester Bug Subject
bug 901946 Needinfo Jared Wein [:jaws] Andrei zh-TW builds on Linux wrongly calculate Autocomplete Popup height

Mobile (Robocop)

  • Progress on Robocop Automation
  • Robocop bugs Backlog
  • Bugs with work in progress:
    • bug 820859 - Robocop: Add test for 'Clear Private Data'
    • bug 830834 - Robocop: Add test for 'Show Search Suggestions' feature
    • bug 836341 - Robocop: Add test for "Clear download history"
    • bug 926394 - [Robocop] Create a new test for Top Sites
    • bug 927578 - Intermittent testReaderMode | GeckoEventExpecter - blockForEvent timeout: Reader:Added
  • Bugs with patches awaiting review:
    • bug 899187 - [fig] Create new testBookmarksPage test to replace original
  • Bugs awaiting integration:
  • Bugs recently integrated:
    • bug 927394 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testReaderMode | Waiting for the share menu - The share menu is present
    • bug 927582 - Intermittent testReaderMode | Exception caught - junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Click can not be completed! | java-exception | java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate application
    • bug 927296 - Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testPrivateBrowsing | Exception caught - java.lang.NullPointerException
    • bug 926310 - Robocop: Add test for 'Reader Mode' feature
    • bug 899182 - [fig] Re-implement robocop
    • bug 888277 - Robocop: Add test for Private Browsing
  • Issues

Personal Status

For the personal status please check the weekly status updates:

Meeting Notes

The meeting notes for this meeting can be read in the following etherpad:

Action items

  • [NEW] [Cosmin] Cosmin to look at Dave's app for Mozmill CI
  • [NEW] [Anthony] Anthony to provide feedback regarding Dave's app for Mozmill CI
  • [NEW] [Dave] To look into the audio/video recording issue, maybe talk to Marc about it